Cable Holly Leaf Necklace

Woman wearing a crochet cable holly leaf necklace with an off-white shirt in front of a Christmas tree

Cable Holly Leaf Necklace

Looking for a quick last-minute gift idea?  Or perhaps you need something special or new to wear to the Christmas Eve service or a Christmas Day get-together?  You should make this Cable Holly Leaf Necklace!  I crafted mine in less than an hour and I’ve already worn it several times and received many compliments.  I decided to rate this project as “Intermediate” since it uses post stitches and some basic cabling techniques.  But don’t worry, there is a video tutorial that shows you how to complete each row and each step of the necklace.

The Holly Leaf – a Classic Christmas Symbol

I’ve always loved the image of green holly leaves with bright red berries.  When I examined the look of the holly leaf, I realized it could be replicated with a few easy crochet cable stitches.  The cable stitches give the twisted and pointy look of a holly leaf.  To help this holly leaf necklace project keep it’s shape, I glued some felt onto the back of the leaves.  If you like crochet holly leaf projects, I recommend checking out the Christmas Holly Leaf Scarf, the Holly Leaf Earrings and the Holly Leaf Pillow.  I also wrote about some of the symbolism of the holly leaf  here.

Happy crocheting and Happy Christmas! Let’s get started!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Measurements:  Each leaf = 2″ long;    Necklace total length = 16″

Supplies for the Holly Leaf Necklace:

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Omega’s Sinfonia Yarn – Red (822) and Green Leaf(840)

F/3.75mm size crochet hook

40 beads (6mm)

50 beads (6/0 seed beads)

Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread – Size 10 – Metallic 10 (White thread with silver thread throughout)

6 mm jump ring (3)

Jewelry pliers

Necklace clasp

Hot glue (and glue gun)

Green felt (small amount)

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Special Stitches and Abbreviations:

FPtr (Front Post Treble): YO twice, insert hook around post of stitch indicated from front to back and then out to front again; YO, draw up a loop; (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times

BPdc (Back Post double crochet): YO, insert hook around post of stitch indicated from back to front and then out to back again; YO, draw up a loop; (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) 2 times

BPdc-CL (Back Post double crochet Cluster): (YO, insert hook around next dc from back to front and out to back again, YO, pull up a loop) 3 times; YO, pull through all 4 loops on hook

A close-up photo of the cable holly leaf necklace made with lime green and red yarn and clear faceted beads

Instructions for the Cable Holly Leaf Necklace:

Holly Leaf – Make 3:

(Stitches in bold type are explained in list of “Special Stitches and Abbreviations”)

With Green, ch 4

Row 1: 

3 dc in 4th ch from hook; Turn.

Row 2: 

Ch 2, sk next st, FPtr in next st and around ch-3 (at end of row); crossing in FRONT of 2 post sts just made, FPtr around 1st dc and next dc (skipped sts); Turn.

Row 3: 

Ch 2, BPdc in next 3 sts; Turn.

Row 4: 

Ch 2, sk next st; FPtr in each of next 2 sts; crossing in FRONT of post sts just worked, FPtr around post below ch-2 (that started this row) and around next st (st that was skipped); Turn.

Row 5: 

Ch 2, BPdc-CL across all sts; ch 1. Fasten off.

Berry – Make 3:

With Red work 6 sc in an adjustable ring (click here to see video tutorial making an adjustable ring); sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

Finishing for the Holly Leaf Necklace:

With a yarn needle and matching yarn sew leaves together at top

In same way sew berries together and to top of leaves

Hot glue on matching felt to back side of leaves

Attach jump ring to center of holly leaf piece

Thread crochet thread through jump ring

Thread on beads on each side of center making sure lengths are equal on either side of the jump ring

Attach jump ring to each end of necklace with a double knot; Attach clasp to one end of necklace

Crochet Cable Holly Leaf Necklace on an off-white jewelry prop with a red fabric background - necklace consists of 3 crocheted holly leaves with 3 red berries on a beaded strand

Tada! Your Cable Holly Leaf Necklace is Finished!

And that’s it!  I was able to make my Cable Holly Leaf Necklace in less than an hour and wear it to a special Christmas event that evening. I hope you were able to succeed in making this project.  If you visited my blog before, then you know I love to crochet jewelry mainly because it is quick and very unique.  I love to wear a simple top with a crocheted necklace.  

Click here to see more Christmas-themed patterns – I have created A LOT!  And click here if you would like to see more crochet jewelry patterns. 

Thank you for stopping by  – Have a Merry Christmas!

(Oh, and if you don’t have time to make this necklace this year, make sure to pin this image below so you don’t forget about it for next year)


Long pinterest image of a woman wearing the holly leaf necklace and a close up of the necklace

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