Crochet Mason Jar Lantern

Crochet Mason Jar Lantern I love the look of mason jars! So, I created this Crochet Mason Jar Lantern out of Size 3 cotton crochet thread and a pretty lacy crochet stitch. Can you tell which stitch it is? It is the Solomon’s Knot! At first glance this stitch looks complicated but it really isn’t that difficult to do. It is a unique variation of the single crochet stitch. If you’ve never tried the Solomon’s Knot before, I highly recommend[Read more]

Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet Heart Pattern This time of year you can see hearts everywhere you go! I love the shape and symbol of a heart and have created many different kinds of crochet heart patterns over the years. Today I have a NEW crochet heart pattern to share with you and it’s FREE! Crochet Heart – Lacy and Quick! This small crochet heart motif is quick to make and uses a small amount of yarn. I am calling it the “Little Lacy[Read more]

Crochet Heart Patterns

Crochet Heart Patterns Some of my most favorite designs have been crochet heart patterns. I first started designing crochet projects for publication in 2012 – I can’t believe that was over 10 years ago! I have really enjoyed the creative outlet it provides.  Over the 10+ years of designing I have made several of these heart-themed projects and I thought it would be fun to share a list with you since Valentine’s Day is coming up. And designing heart patterns[Read more]

Crochet Heart Motif

Crochet Heart Motif: I enjoy crocheting hearts and I love to experiment with stitches and Celtic Knots to create a variety of crochet heart motifs. (You can see a bunch of my crochet heart motif designs on my Free Patterns page here) This time of year (January) it is fun to start working on crochet heart patterns and projects that can be given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. I like to think of the holiday as a great day to[Read more]

DIY Wedding Accessory

I enjoy attending weddings that have several handmade elements in them. It is a treat to see the homemade touches that are personalized for the bride and groom and their families. I think it makes the ceremony, reception and entire day so much more meaningful and special. So, here is one unique DIY wedding accessory that you can make for yourself (or someone you know) to add that special touch while honoring your Irish heritage and/or incorporating your love of[Read more]