Crochet Pattern Round-Up Lists

Crochet Pattern Round-Up List

This Crochet Pattern Round-Up page has a wide variety of projects and is being added to all the time!

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Crochet is one of the most versatile crafts there is and you can see that in the lists below – there are so many wonderful things you can make with crochet stitches, a hook and yarn!

Just click on the collage images below to see the projects in each pattern round-up in that category. Most of the listings are FREE crochet patterns and available on various blogs around the internet. Clicking on the images and visiting the blogs is a great way to support crochet designers and the craft of crochet.

Thank you for visiting – let me know which Crochet Pattern Round-Up list is your favorite in the comments below – I would love to hear about it! 🙂

10 FREE Crochet Crossbody Bag Patterns:

Crossbody Bags are all the rage this year! See how you can crochet up one of your own from this list of FREE and fun crochet crossbody bag patterns! So many shapes and styles that you’re sure to find one you like.

FREE Easy Summer Crochet Shawl Patterns:

Shawls are easy to crochet and fun to wear! Check out this list of pretty shawls that use basic stitches and a variety of yarns. Plus, you can always make these shawls with thicker yarn to wear in the fall and winter!

FREE Patriotic Crochet Patterns:

The colors red, white and blue look great together! It’s fun to crochet decorations for the patriotic holidays and special patriotic-themed projects for loved ones who have served in the armed forces. Many creative options in this list.

FREE crochet flower patterns:

Collage of free crochet flower patterns as part of the crochet pattern round-up

Flowers are one of the easiest things to crochet and one of the best embellishments on a crochet project or gift. I think you’ll love this round-up!

Celtic Necklaces Crochet Pattern Round-Up:

A crochet pattern round-up of Celtic Necklaces

I love to crochet necklaces and then wear them for a special occasion – here are some of my Celtic necklace patterns that you can purchase in my Etsy Shop or on-line.

FREE Jewelry Projects Round-Up:

Various free crochet jewelry projects all found on the website all free crochet

In addition to necklaces, I love to crochet all types of jewelry – Here are some FREE crochet jewelry patterns that use a small amount of supplies and work up quickly.

Two Round-Ups of Crochet Heart Patterns!

Various crochet heart images by Celtic Knot Crochet

I have lost count of how many crochet heart patterns I have designed and made over the years – I love how there are so many variations of how to make a heart. Plus, a heart makes for a wonderful embellishment or decoration all year long!

Seven crochet projects that have hearts in them from jewelry to teddy bear to accessories and decorations as part of the crochet pattern round-up

Here is another pattern round-up for hearts! There are a few in the round-up that aren’t shown here – click the image above to see all the photos and pattern links.

Easy Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern Round-Up:

A collage of easy beginner crochet scarf patterns

Scarves are one of the best gifts you can crochet for someone – one size fits all and they can be worn to keep you warm or as a pretty accessory to any outfit. A bonus for this crochet pattern round-up – these are all FREE and easy – just right for beginners!

St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Pattern Round-Up:

A collage of various crochet patterns that are geared to St. Patrick's Day - leprechaun, leprechaun green hat, rainbow and pot of gold hat and celtic knot pin

A pot of gold, leprechauns and Celtic Knots are some of the inspiration for these projects but there is much more in this round-up that is great for St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year if you love all things Irish!

Christmas Crochet Pattern Round-Up:

Various Christmas crochet projects in a collage by Celtic Knot Crochet as part of a crochet pattern round-up

I love all of the creative possibilities there are for when you combine Christmas with crochet! The Christmas season is rich with meaningful symbolism and colorful images. Here are some quick and easy crochet patterns to make for Christmas.