Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark

Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark The Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark is a quick project made with simple stitches and a small amount of thread. Two crocheted cords are woven together to create the cross shape. This crochet bookmark would make a great gift for a friend or family member.  Plus, this pattern includes 2 versions of this project – a bookmark and a car decoration that can be hung from the rear-view mirror! (This post includes affiliate links. To read our[Read more]

Crochet Flower Pillow

Crochet Flower Pillow The Crochet Flower Pillow is a lovely crochet pattern that uses basic stitches and beautiful cotton yarn! I add this crochet pillow to my home decor each spring and summer and love how it looks. The unique combination of vibrant colors makes for an eye-catching accent that is easy to make! (This post includes affiliate links. To read our full disclosure policy, click here) Stitches Used in the Crochet Flower Pillow Flowers are one of the best[Read more]

Celtic Bracelet

Celtic Bracelet I love how this Celtic Bracelet turned out! It is really easy and quick to make using basic crochet stitches and a small amount of yarn. It truly is a beginner project – yay!  Plus, there is a fun effect you can see with this bracelet when you turn out the lights – read on to find out what that is! Several years ago I created a similar bracelet, the Celtic Knot Bracelet (click here to see that[Read more]

15 FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns

15 FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns These FREE granny square bag patterns are full of color and pretty stitches that come together for eye-catching and practical bags that you can take with you anywhere! Granny Squares are very popular right now- you can see them all over the internet and even on some celebrities! They are easy to take with you on-the-go because you can work on a square or two in a small amount of time. Then after completing[Read more]

Alpine Stitch Cowl

Alpine Stitch Cowl This Alpine Stitch Cowl works up quickly and looks great in this Mandala Sparkle Yarn by LionBrand. I love to crochet cowls because they are fast projects and make great gifts. They are a one-size fits all accessory and are an eye-catching addition to your outfit. Cowls also provide warmth around your neck and stay in place nicely (unlike long scarves that tend to unwind or slide around). (This post includes affiliate links. To read our full[Read more]