Celtic Heart Square

Celtic Heart Square The Celtic Heart Square is a unique crochet square that uses simple stitches and easy knot weaving techniques.  I originally created this square to be part of a scarf design but as I finished the square I realized I didn’t want to use it in a scarf project and created 2 other scarf designs instead using the Celtic Knot Heart in a different way (You can see those FREE crochet patterns, the Velvet Celtic Heart Scarf and[Read more]

Celtic Heart Scarf

Celtic Heart Scarf This Celtic Heart Scarf is easy to crochet with basic stitches!  The Celtic Knot Heart project has been one of my most popular Celtic Knot patterns and I thought it would be neat to incorporate its basic design into other crochet projects. So, last year I created the Celtic Heart Garland that you can see here.  This year I’ve created the Velvet Celtic Heart Scarf and now this Celtic Heart Scarf. (This post includes affiliate links. To[Read more]

Velvet Celtic Heart Scarf

Velvet Celtic Heart Scarf This Velvet Celtic Heart Scarf is easy to crochet with a fun one-row repeat stitch pattern!  Have you ever crocheted a “V-stitch”? A “V-stitch” is a classic crochet stitch that can come in many forms and variations.  It is basically 2 or more tall stitches separated by chain stitches (usually 1, 2 or 3) in the middle.  This creates the look of the letter “V”. For this crochet scarf pattern you’ll be making a V-stitch with[Read more]

FREE Crochet Heart Patterns

FREE Crochet Heart Patterns – a fun Round-Up! I love to crochet hearts of all shapes and sizes and thought it would be fun to put together this list of FREE crochet heart patterns from a variety of crochet designers and bloggers. You’ll see in their beautiful designs that there are many ways to create a heart with crochet stitches – you can work in the round, back and forth in rows and even a combination of the two! I[Read more]

Celtic Crochet Poncho

Celtic Crochet Poncho This Celtic crochet poncho is one of my favorite Celtic garments I have designed so far. The V-neck yoke and lacy stitching makes for a very flattering poncho that can be worn all year long. I also love how a poncho like this is easy to wear because it is light weight, stays in place and fits sizes small, medium and large! I am calling this lacy wrap “The Celtic Heart Poncho” and have just added the[Read more]