Celtic Crochet Bag

Celtic Crochet Bag crocheted in greens and gold colors shown on a woman in a white dress

Celtic Crochet Bag

This Celtic Crochet Bag is a simpler version of the Celtic Crossbody Bag (that you can find here.) I love how the Celtic Knot square for these bags turned out so I decided to write the pattern for a quicker and smaller version – the Small Celtic Crossbody Bag!

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The 2 squares that make up the Celtic Crochet Bag shown side by side - one made in greens and gold, the other made in just greens

Just 2 Squares!

This Small Celtic Crochet Bag is made with just 2 squares! The Celtic Knot used for this project is the same knot as in the Celtic Knot Square (a FREE pattern on this blog found here) but is a smaller size. I also crocheted it with thinner yarn so the pattern is different but the knot weaving method is the same. Because the knot’s are the same, you can use the step-by-step video tutorial for the Celtic Knot Square (found here) to help you with that part of the project.

Another version of this crochet Bag - the all green square shown sewn onto a black bag

Store-Bought Bag Turns into Celtic Crochet Bag!

And if you want an even quicker version of this bag you can simply just make 1 square and sew it onto a store-bought crossbody bag as shown here!

There is also a Left-Hander version of the Knot Weaving Diagram to help the Left-Handers out there!  A left-hander would use the same instructions but their cords would turn out to look opposite the right-handers’ which would make it difficult to use the diagram (for right-handers). So, I have included a separate file download (that is included with the pattern cost) that solves this issue!

The Small Celtic Crossbody Bag shown on a white wooden background

Partial Pattern PDF at a Lower Price!

Now you can purchase a “Pattern Add-On” for this project if you already purchased the larger Celtic Crossbody Bag pattern! So, if you would like to be able to make both versions of the pattern but don’t want to buy both patterns at the full price, then you’re in luck! Click here to purchase the instructions for making the smaller version (You will need the pattern for the larger bag so you can make the Celtic Knot Squares but then follow the “Pattern Add-On” to make this new version) Make sense? Hope so – this is my way of saying Thank You to those who already bought the first larger version. Thank you!

Stitches Used in this Crochet Crossbody Bag

For this Celtic Crochet Bag I used many basic stitches (slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet) and some other stitches: extended stitches and standing stitches. Extended stitches help you make your basic stitches just a little bit taller to get a certain effect in the design of a project. Standing stitches help you join new colors without the bump of a slip knot. All of these stitches are explained in the large-print pattern that is available in my Etsy Shop here. Some of the stitches and techniques also have links to video tutorials to help you with them.

Graphic of the first page of the pattern so you can click on and purchase pattern PDF

Instant Download for the Pattern PDF

You can purchase this pattern now as an instant digital download in my Etsy Shop here. This is a 19-page pattern that includes over 35 clear color photos that help with each step of the project: crocheting the cords to make the knot, weaving the knot, turning the knot motif into a 6″ square, putting the squares together and adding the finishing touches. And, of course, if you ever have any questions with the pattern, I am just an email away and would be glad to help you.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Even though most of the stitches in this project are basic stitches I am rating this project as Intermediate due to how it is put together and that working the stitches and knot weaving with thinner yarn can make a project more challenging (than if you were to work with Size 4 yarn)

Measurements: Approximately 7″ wide x 8″ tall

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Supplies for the Crochet Crossbody Bag

All the supplies for this Bag - yarns in green and gold, crochet hook, needles, thread, fabric, stitch markers, measuring tape and magnetic clasp

This project uses a small amount of yarn and a few other craft supplies that can be found on-line or at your local craft store.

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(Please note this post contains affiliate links which earns this blog a small commission at no extra cost to you – it’s a win-win! Thank you for your support so I can continue to offer Celtic patterns like this one)

Omega’s Sinfonia Yarn – This is a Size 3 cotton yarn that is one of my favorites. It comes in a wide range of wonderful colors. I love how this green, light green and gold look together. I used less than one skein of each color.

3.75mm (F) Clover crochet hook

8 stitch markers
Cork board or foam core board (6” x 6”)
10-20 straight sewing pins
Tapestry needle
½ yd cotton fabric
Matching sewing thread and sewing needle
Optional: Button, snap or magnetic closure

Small Celtic Crossbody Bag shown on a young woman wearing a white dress in front of a tree

Celtic Crochet Bag – Perfect for You!

This Celtic Crochet Bag works up quickly and is very unique. I love how it is just the right size for my phone, keys and credit cards so I can be ready to head out with the essentials!

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