Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark

Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark made with 2 shades of green yarn laying on a bible with a coral rose nearby

Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark

The Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark is a quick project made with simple stitches and a small amount of thread. Two crocheted cords are woven together to create the cross shape. This crochet bookmark would make a great gift for a friend or family member.  Plus, this pattern includes 2 versions of this project – a bookmark and a car decoration that can be hung from the rear-view mirror!

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Crochet Celtic Cross decoration made with shades of purple yarn hanging from a car's rear-view mirror

Celtic Knot Cross

The Celtic Knot that makes up this Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark is a little challenging to weave. But I provide a FREE Celtic Knot Diagram for you to download and print at home that will help you weave the cords into the cross shape.  The diagram is color-coded and actual size so all you’ll need to do is print it out! You’ll see several color photos below that take you through each step of the weaving process. I recommend printing out 2 diagrams so that you can have one to the side to refer to while working over the top of the other diagram with the cords.

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Now Available!

And to give you some extra help with the Celtic Knot weaving, I’ve created a step-by-step video tutorial on my Youtube Channel. This video takes you through ALL the steps of this project from supplies, to making the cords, to weaving the knot and then adding the finishing touches. The beauty of a video tutorial is that you can pause it and re-watch any section as many times as you want so you are sure to see how to put it all together! In the video description you’ll also see a list of time stamps so you can skip ahead to whichever part of the project you need the help in. Click here (or scroll down below) to watch the video.

Stitches You Need to Know for the Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark

The Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark is easy to crochet since the only stitches you need to know are the chain, half double crochet and slip stitch!  These stitches are basic crochet stitches and help the cords work up fast. 

DMC Embroidery Floss

I love to use DMC’s embroidery floss for many of my crochet jewelry projects because it has a wonderful sheen, comes in a wide variety of great colors and is a cinch to find at my local craft store.  Before you start using the thread make sure to carefully wind it around a cardboard bobbin or small index card. I also like to label the card with the color number so I can keep my stash of floss organized. You could also use Size 3 cotton crochet thread for this project if you have that on hand.

Let’s get started on our Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark!

Skill Level:

Easy (Crochet)

Intermediate (Knot Weaving)


5 ¼” long x 3” wide (not including bead elements or tassel length)

Supplies needed to make the Celtic Cross project

Supplies for the Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark:

Click on the supply name to purchase

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4 skeins DMC Embroidery Floss in contrasting or coordinating colors (2 skeins in each color – 1 skein of each color should actually be enough but just in case, it is always good to have a little extra on hand)

2.75 mm (C) crochet hook

Yarn Needle (with a small eye)

Print out of Celtic Knot Diagram (download here)

8” x 8” square of ¼” thick corkboard (Styrofoam or a foam core board also work)

20 straight sewing pins

Various beads with large holes

Fabric Stiffener

Aluminum Foil (8” x 8” square)

5 Rust-proof pins

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Special Stitches and Abbreviations

Back bar of Chain = When looking at the right side of a chain, you see many “V’s” and the chain looks like a braid. Turn the chain over and you see a series of bumps – it is in these bumps that you will work across the chain to produce a cord with even edges along both sides

Click here to watch a short video tutorial on this technique

Hdc (half double crochet) =  YO, insert hook into stitch; YO, draw up a loop; YO, pull through all 3 loops on hook

Sl st (slip stitch) = Insert hook into stitch, YO, pull through stitch and loop on hook

YO (yarn over)

Hk (hook)

Lp (loop)

Ch (chain)

St (stitch)

Sp (space)

The completed Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark in greens on a white wood background


First 2 cords are crocheted

(The shorter cord in my cross is the darker green cord – this cord is also the one that is woven first and laid on the green path)

Then these 2 cords are woven into the Celtic Knot Cross using the included Celtic Knot Diagram

Then the tassel length is added (or the hanging length and bead elements are added for the Car Decoration version)

Lastly the cross is stiffened

Instructions for the Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark:

Special stitches are written in bold and italicized text and defined above

(Photos of cords are shown below with weaving supplies)

Cord A:

Completed cord is approximately 15 ¼” long x ¼” wide

(This is the shorter cord that will be laid on the green path in the diagram):

With darker green ch 105

Working in the back bar of the chain, hdc in 3rd ch from hk and in each ch across. Fasten off. (103 hdc)

Cord B:

Completed cord is approximately 17” long x ¼” wide

(This is the longer cord and will be laid on the pink path in the diagram)

With lighter green ch 116

Working in the back bar of the chain, hdc in 3rd ch from hk and in each ch across. Fasten off. (114 hdc)

Video Tutorial for Weaving the Celtic Knot Cross Bookmark:

Click on the image below to watch the full step-by-step video tutorial of this project or skip ahead to time stamp 7:00 to just watch the weaving section!

Supplies needed to weave the Celtic Cross also showing 2 green cords and pins

Weaving the Celtic Knot

Download diagram here

Place printout of Celtic Knot diagram on corkboard and hold in place with pins – I recommend printing this diagram in color to have it help you the most

(If you are not able to print it in color, then use colored pencils to add color to the diagram)

Step 1 of weaving the Celtic Knot

With Right Side of Cord A (darker green and shorter cord) facing, lay cord along green path in diagram by first placing the beginning of cord on black asterisk  – this is the end without yarn tails

**Notice that there are color-coded numbers on the diagram for each path – for Cord A follow the green numbers in order to help you weave the knot; for Cord B follow the pink numbers in order to help you weave the knot**

Step 2 of weaving the first cord of the knot

Follow arrows along the cord path making sure to correctly pass either over or under the other sections of the cord

When get to stage shown in photo above make sure you have about 6 inches of cord left (from green #3 to end) so that you will have enough cord to complete the green path weaving

Step 3 of weaving the celtic knot
Cord A woven into cross shape with space for Cord B

Next place beginning (end without yarn tails) of Cord B on pink path at black square on diagram – thread yarn tails onto needle to help with weaving as shown in photo below

Showing how to thread yarn tails from Cord B onto needle
Step 1 weaving cord B of the Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark

Follow arrows along the cord path making sure to correctly pass either over or under the other sections of the cord

Step 2 of weaving the celtic knot
step 3 of weaving the second cord for the cross

At this point with Cord B make sure you have about 10 inches of cord left from pink #3 to end to make sure you have enough to complete weaving – If you don’t have enough, simply adjust cord to create more length

step 4 for weaving the celtic knot
step 5 for weaving the celtic cross crochet bookmark project
step 5 for the cord b weaving
completed celtic knot cross

Pin across at cord ends and a few crossings

Showing how to pin across in some places on the 2 shades of green celtic cross

Remove knot from board and sew cord ends in place on Wrong Side with tapestry needle and yarn tails

Weave in all ends


For bookmark version:

With darker green ch 30

Attach chain to matching tassel

(Watch this video here to see how to make your own tassel out of the matching thread)

Attach other end of chain length to top of Celtic Cross

For car decoration version:

Shades of purple celtic cross completed with bead elements and hanger on a white wood background

Top Hanger:

With darker green ch 60-80 (depends on how long you would like the hanger to be)

Sl st in 2nd ch and in each ch across. Fasten off.

Thread this length through the top loop on cross

Thread large-hole bead over both ends of hanger

Bottom Bead Elements:

With lighter green ch 40. Fasten off.

Repeat to make another chain length

Thread both chain lengths through bottom loop on cross so they are each folded in half

Thread large-hole bead onto all 4 chain lengths

Adjust chain lengths so varying lengths

Thread on small bead to each end and tie overhand knot in end of chain

Trim excess yarn tails

Showing how to stiffen the cross with a bottle of fabric stiffener and the cross laying face down

Stiffening the Cross:

Lay entire project Right Side down on aluminum foil square (which is on top of corkboard)

Add fabric stiffener to cords (on Wrong Side) making sure to not get stiffener on hanger, tassel length or bead elements

Press stiffener into cords with finger

Let dry completely overnight

Repeat if more stiffness desired

Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark hanging from a tree in a snowy scene made with 2 shades of purple and some beads

Your Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark/Car Decoration is Complete!

Your Celtic Cross Crochet Bookmark/Car Decoration is complete! How did you do with weaving the Celtic Cross?  I found it helpful to have an extra diagram off to the side so I could see where the knot paths were going.  I also used more pins than usual to help keep the cords perfectly lined up with the paths on the diagram. If you need some help with this project, please email me or leave a comment below – I am happy to help you be successful!

I hope you enjoyed making this project.  I would love to see a photo of it! Please send one along or tag me on Instagram! (@celticknotcrochet)

And if you would like to see more Celtic crochet patterns, then check out this page here.

Remember, you can find my FREE crochet patterns here.

Don’t forget to pin the image below so you can find this project again!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy crocheting!


Long image for pinterest of the crochet bookmark and car decoration project

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  1. Hello and thank you for this pattern, which I tried immediately. One request: add the colors that correspond to the graphic image and weaving pattern as well as those that correspond to the photo. So that we would all know when youtube is not available: Is the pink in the graphic the longer or shorter chain?

    1. You are welcome for the pattern – I noticed that the colors were written in but may be easy to overlook so I added some more places where the colors and cord lengths are mentioned – hope this helps. The pink path goes with the light green cord (which is Cord B) in my example and it is the longer chain/cord. How did your project turn out? Would love to see it! 🙂

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  6. I am making these for my book group-I have a scottish last name so they are perfect coming from me! It can be challenging working with the floss, but the colors are so worth it. I use small wooden spools to wind my floss sice that is easier for me.

    1. Excellent! Hope they enjoy receiving them! Great idea for the floss – I agree, the colors are definitely worth it!🙂

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    1. Thank you! So glad to hear that the diagrams make it understandable and possible for you. 🙂 There are so many wonderful crochet projects to make (and finish) – so hard to stay focused! Happy finishing!

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