Christmas Holly Leaf Scarf

Here is another quick and easy Christmas gift that is one size fits all!

I created this design several years ago and wear it every Christmas season – I always get many compliments on it and it looks great in photos.

This pattern is available in my Esty shop here

I crocheted with Red Heart’s Shimmer yarn in the colors Lime Green and Red which unfortunately are no longer available. But Red Heart now makes  With Love in some beautiful metallics (affiliate links). I love when the metallic thread matches the yarn color.  This yarn is soft and washes well.

The Holly Leaf is one of my favorite Christmas symbols.  If you do some research, you will find that the holly leaf and its berries have been used in all sorts of ways in a variety of cultures and religions.  I like the connection of the prickly points to Christ’s crown of thorns and the red berries to the ultimate sacrifice he made for us – reminding us of the purpose and reason for Christmas.

But I probably like the holly so much because I have fond memories of watching my mom and my grandmother adding them to every Christmas card (and envelope) with a swift and graceful flourish of their colored (or gold) markers – a tradition that continues to this day!

Pattern can be purchased here in our Etsy shop.

Merry Christmas and Happy Crocheting!


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