Summer Rock Fun

Crocheting Rocks!

I have always loved rocks. When I was a young girl, I had a rock collection of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Looking for rocks turns every trip to a river or shore into a treasure hunt.

When I stumbled upon the crochet covered rocks of Julianna McDuffie, I was inspired again to collect rocks and combine them with crochet.   Julianna shares her works of art with strangers by leaving a crochet-covered rock on the beach where it was created.  Visit her website here to see more of her work.

Here are some of my crocheted rocks that have been hidden in my home state (which is far from California where Julianna lives) :

If you found one of these rocks, please let me know ([email protected]) and I will post it’s new home here.  I hope you enjoyed discovering one of these rocks and taking it home with you as a unique find.

(If you haven’t found a rock, you can purchase one at the Museum Shop at the Currier Museum of Art and soon in my Etsy shop!)

Rock #5:

View of the river by where Rock #5 sits.

Rock #4: FOUND! 9/4/2013 by Susan who took her treasure home to Virginia. 🙂
(We love that Susan knits, crochets and crafts, too.)

This is the view of where Rock #4 sat.

Rock #3:

The view near where this rock sits.
Rock #2:
This rock is nestled in a spot near here.
Rock #1:
While covering this rock, I spotted a Mama Bear and her cub up on the mountain!