Celtic Mandala

Celtic Mandala

If you visited this blog before, you know I love mandalas. (You can see all of my mandala designs and patterns here)

This particular mandala, The Celtic Knot Sparkle Mandala, is a Celtic version of the Crystal Crochet Mandala (found here).

I sketched out this design over 2 years ago and have worked on it in stages since then – I LOVE how it turned out and am so happy that it is finally finished and ready in my Etsy Shop here.

Skill Level: Easy (Crochet); Intermediate (Knot Weaving)

The crochet stitches used in this project are very basic. The Celtic Knot is basically 5 interlocking pretzel shapes and has several over and under passes so I am rating it an “intermediate” weaving level.

You Can Make This!

Just because it has an intermediate rating, don’t be discouraged. I provide many helps for you!

I include color step-by-step photos, a clear life size diagram, detailed explanations AND a link to a knot weaving video tutorial ALL in the instructions!

You’ll have all you need to be successful and create your own beautiful Celtic Knot Sparkle Mandala!

Click here to purchase the instant downloadable pattern now

(I also include a bonus pdf that has fewer photos for easy printing)


(Just click on name of supply to purchase – Please note that many of the links in this blog post are affiliate links)

2 skeins of Size 3 cotton crochet thread

2.75mm crochet hook (C)

Metal Ring (10″ diameter)

Various beads (see images for how many and what kinds)

Corkboard and 30 sewing pins (knot weaving supplies)

Yarn needle and beading needle

Optional: Clover’s Wonder Clips (10)

You can see a list above of the supplies you need for this mandala – it uses a small amount of crochet thread and less than 100 beads total – of course, you don’t have to add the beads. I love the interest the beads add though, don’t you?

Video Tutorial:

Here is the knot weaving tutorial from my Youtube Channel. This video is FREE and available to watch now so you can see how I walk you through all the steps of weaving the knot and adding the beads.

Which Color Would You Make It In?

I love the color green and always want to make all of my Celtic designs in some shade of green but often I resist that urge and choose another color. 🙂

But this time I decided to use some beautiful yarn (Egyptian cotton) in a light minty green and a dark hunter green.

I also created this project in shades of purple.

**The key is to have at least 2 colors that contrast because that helps the intricacies of the Celtic Knot stand out and helps to highlight the various crochet stitches and beads.**

Here is my purple version:

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy making this project – I have it hanging in my dining room and it makes me smile each day. 🙂

Click on any photo in this post to purchase the pattern or click here to be taken to my Etsy Shop.

Happy crocheting!


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