Easy Colorful Crochet Scarf

Even though I receive a good amount of yarn in the mail directly from the manufacturer or distributor, it doesn’t mean that I still don’t like to look at and buy yarn in my local yarn shops and craft stores!

In fact, being able to see the colors in real life and being able to touch and feel the yarn is very valuable – so much more fun than looking at it on a screen! So, when I was in Michael’s last month I noticed the “Rainforest” colorway of Red Heart’s Unforgettable yarn.

Have you ever used this yarn? I love it! It comes in all sorts of beautiful color combinations and has a lot of yardage in each ball. It is warm and soft to wear (and crochet with) and makes great eye-catching projects.

It was so pretty on the shelf! I immediately bought 2 skeins and started to brainstorm about what I could make with it.

I decided to use this stitch (explained below) because it creates a pretty texture that compliments the sheen and bright colors of the yarn. And as a bonus, I discovered that this stitch also creates a fun look/texture on the wrong side!!

Yes! This scarf is reversible!

I love both sides and can’t pick a favorite yet. Which side do you like the best?

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**UPDATE: Now there is a video tutorial for this project**

Skill Level: Easy


5” wide x 45-50” long


3 skeins Unforgettable Yarn by Red Heart in colorway “Rainforest”

L/8 mm hook

Yarn needle

Optional: Large decorative pin


Scarf is worked in the round which makes a very long tube

A knit-like stitch is created on the Front Side and a ribbed-like stitch is created on the Back Side (or inside) – both looks are pretty and scarf can be turned “inside-out” to show either side

The stitch used in this project condenses the project quite a bit and creates stretch and give as the number of rounds increase – if you want a wider scarf, simply increase your chain count at the beginning

Special Stitch:

FPsc (Front Post Single Crochet): Insert hook into project to right of next single crochet; bring hook around back of this single crochet and back out to front; YO, draw up a loop; YO, pull through 2 loops on hook


Ch 51

**Note: This starting chain may seem way too long at first but trust me, the stitch will make it shrink so that it becomes more like a normal scarf width 🙂

Row 1: Working in the back bar of the chain, sc in 2nd chain from hook and in each chain across. Do not turn. (50 sc)

Keeping row just completed with Right Side facing being careful not to twist, begin working in rounds.

Round 1: FPsc (see Special Stitch) around 1st sc of Row 1; FPsc around each sc in row. Do not join with a sl st – just keep working stitch around (see next Round)

Round 2: FPsc around each st in round being careful to not make stitches too tight.

Repeat Round 2 until project measures 45 to 50” long. Fasten off.


With yarn needle and yarn tail sew up slight gap where ends of Row 1 meet

Join in any st in bottom edge of Row 1 with a FPsc; Repeat Round 2 one more time around to help loose scarf end match the tighter last round. Fasten off.

How to wear:

Choose which side you would like to show – knit-like texture or stripes of braids – simply turn scarf inside out to get the look you want

Regular Scarf: Wrap scarf length around neck once and let ends hang down from shoulders

Infinity Scarf: Tuck one short end of scarf inside other end and pin in place with a decorative pin; Wrap twice around neck and position so pin in front

Wasn’t that fun to make? Because this scarf is a tube it is doubly-thick and so warm!

Please send along a photo of your finished scarf to [email protected]. I love to see what you make!

Here is an image for your Pinterest board:

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2 thoughts on “Easy Colorful Crochet Scarf

  1. Hi, Thanks for this project idea…I just always have a problem with front /back post single crochet; is the connecting yarn from one stitch to the next considered a part of the Post? Do I go over it or under it to include it in my next stitch?
    Or do I just go under the top chains of the stitches?

    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by and trying out this project. There is a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to work this stitch which I think you may find helpful here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZQ3Kx-8aeI
      To answer your question: You sort of just ‘ignore’ the connecting yarn and focus just on the stem of each single crochet. You insert your hook around this stem and complete a single crochet as usual so you are working just below the top loops of each stitch. The more stitches and rounds you do, the easier it gets because the stems get taller and everything gets easier to see.
      Hope this helps you – it really is a fun stitch with neat texture once you get the hang of it. 🙂

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