Sparkle Knot Necklace Tips for Knot


Tips for Weaving the Celtic Knot in the
Sparkle Knot Necklace
Published in Crochet! magazines special issue: Crochet For a Quiet Evening – Fall 2013

Step 1:  Gather all materials as suggested by the pattern
(Styrofoam block below is covered in felt)

Step 2:  With Right Side facing, pin end of crocheted cord to diagram at the *

Step 3:  Following the arrows and the path of the knot, lay cord down pinning in place as needed

Step 4:  Continue to lay cord down being careful to pass correctly either OVER or UNDER when crossing the cord
Step 5:  Once to this point, all passes will alternate between OVER and UNDER (starting with OVER);  Finish weaving knot
Step 6:  Pin crossings to secure
Step 7:  Remove knot from block and flip over; With yarn needle and matching thread, secure all crossings being careful to not have stitching show on Right Side
Completed knot! Tada!
See pattern for the remainder of crochet and finishing instructions.