Clare Beauty – Tips and Photos for Weaving Knot

Here are some tips and photos for weaving the intricate flower-like decorative knot in the

Clare Beauty design by Jennifer E Ryan


(Published in the Autumn 2014 issue of Crochet! magazine – Purchase the complete instructions on newsstands now or at

1.  Gather all of your supplies – large Styrofoam block, 20 – 30 sewing pins, crocheted cords (6 – each marked with a stitch marker and 6 – longer cords) and enlarged photocopy of knot diagram

To make it easier to see the pattern of the knot, color in shaded sections with a highlighter
Our cords are in 2 different colors to help see the weaving pattern
(Shorter – blue; Longer – green)
2.  Pin diagram to Styrofoam block
(Our block is covered with fabric)
3.  Lay one of the shorter cords on one of the highlighted paths – pin each end and curve

4.  Repeat with remaining shorter cords making sure to pass correctly either over or under as indicated by diagram


5.  Now lay a longer cord (green in our example) along a white path.
There are many more passes with these cords so be sure to correctly pass either OVER or UNDER.
Continue to pin each end and curve in place.


6.  Continue to lay remaining cords along each looped white path in the diagram.
It helps to pin each crossing.
7.  After carefully weaving and pinning each cord, your woven decorative knot should look like this:
Now sew all joins along points using the yarn tails making sure to not have the stitching show on the front. Secure all passes with yarn needle and yarn as well.
Continue on with the printed/published instructions to make this knot into the Clare Beauty sweater!