Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet Pumpkins! I love that the velvet yarns are back in style now! They are so fun to design and crochet with! Several months ago I was in Hobby Lobby perusing the yarn aisle and noticed this beautiful “pumpkin” color of one of their velvet yarns. (If you read my blog post from last week, you would have seen how strolling through yarn aisles gives me a lot of inspiration – you can read about how this simple activity inspired[Read more]

Crochet Mandala

Mandala Trio The Mandala Trio is one of my favorite mandalas to design and crochet! It is an intermediate pattern because of the tall cluster stitches that require some experience but once you get the hang of how they work, you end up repeating them several times in each mandala – and each mandala mirrors the others to make for a coordinated wall hanging! Purchase the Pattern Click here to purchase this pattern in my Etsy Shop I appreciate your[Read more]

DIY Wedding Accessory

I enjoy attending weddings that have several handmade elements in them. It is a treat to see the homemade touches that are personalized for the bride and groom and their families. I think it makes the ceremony, reception and entire day so much more meaningful and special. So, here is one unique DIY wedding accessory that you can make for yourself (or someone you know) to add that special touch while honoring your Irish heritage and/or incorporating your love of[Read more]

Mandala Wall Art

Welcome to Celtic Knot Crochet! Are you here for the Annie’s Facebook Live Yarn Giveaway? So glad you popped over for a visit! As you may already know, I LOVE to crochet mandalas! (You can see all of my mandala projects here) This project only has 10 rounds and uses tall stitches and some cluster stitches that really stand out once the mandala is stretched across a metal ring. This mandala project was one of my first mandala designs I[Read more]

DIY Handheld Hummingbird Feeder

One of my favorite things to do in the summer in New England is watch hummingbirds. I enjoy seeing their beauty up-close as they drink from our garden and our feeder. Last year we tried out a handheld feeder for the first time and had a great time with it! It was such a treat to have the birds come close to us. ***Check out my tutorial video below that includes footage of the hummingbirds using the feeder!*** I tried[Read more]