Celtic Knot Decoration

Celtic Knot Mandala Decoration This Celtic Knot Mandala Decoration combines my love of Celtic Knots, crochet and recycling! And since I have enjoyed crocheting, gifting and decorating with the Easy Shimmer Mandala so much, I decided to make a Celtic Knot version. You can see that it incorporates a very simple yet beautiful Celtic Knot at its center framed by a few rounds of basic crochet stitches and all while wrapping around a shimmery upcycled CD or DVD. Crochet Stitches[Read more]

Crochet Heart Basket

Crochet Heart Basket This Crochet Heart Basket is another project showing how I enjoy creating heart shapes with crochet. I thought this would be a fun Valentine’s Day project to use as a decoration or to fill with treats for that special someone! This is a FREE crochet pattern so read on to find out some more information and to get started on making one of these crochet heart baskets. 🙂 (This post includes affiliate links. To read our full[Read more]

Amigurimi crochet – cute & quick

I have always loved mints (especially the Wintergreen flavor) because my grandfather carried some in his pocket every day and shared them with me. He and I were very close and spent a lot of time together when I was a young girl. “Mint Granddad” (that’s what we called him) was often quick to encourage me and let me know he was a fan of mine. A couple of months ago I saw a sticker that correlated a mint to[Read more]

Celtic Heart Valentine Projects

Celtic Heart Projects Here are 3 of my Celtic Heart Projects. Over the years I have designed several crochet projects using the heart shape – it’s one of my most favorite type of projects to design! Hearts are very easy to crochet and fun to incorporate in all sorts of projects. The Classic Heart Shape – A Beautiful Symbol The heart is a wonderful and universal symbol of love all over the world. You probably use it all throughout the[Read more]

Cable Crochet Cowl

Cable Crochet Cowl This Cable Crochet Cowl is full of texture due to its 3 rows of braided crochet cables! Crochet cables add great texture to your projects. They use what is called “post stitches” because you work around the ‘stem‘ of the next stitch, not into the top loops as usual. It takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be making beautiful cables in no time. (This post includes affiliate links.[Read more]