Crochet Heart pattern

Crochet Heart Pattern: I enjoy crocheting hearts and I love to experiment with stitches and Celtic Knots to create a variety of crochet heart patterns. (You can see a bunch of my heart designs on my Free Patterns page here) This time of year (January) it is fun to start working on heart projects and patterns that can be given as gifts on Valentine’s Day. I like to think of the holiday as a great day to tell all of[Read more]

Easy DIY Pendant Necklace

Easy DIY Pendant Necklace I love to crochet jewelry because it is quick and creative. I also love to collect beads and charms especially when they are on sale! 🙂 So, I came up with the Easy DIY Pendant Necklace design to put several of my pretty charms to good use. For each necklace you just crochet a small circle with Size 3 crochet thread (There are a few variations I include below), attach the charm and put it on[Read more]

DIY Yarn Ornament

DIY Yarn Ornament I love that our family has a tradition to be extra crafty at Christmastime! We love to create with our hands and always enjoy making a variety of Christmas-themed projects. Ornaments are my favorite projects to create this time of year. So, I came up with this very simple Pom-pom Sheep Ornament – in the photo above you see my crochet version but I’ve also included a template for you that uses felt (instead of crochet) so[Read more]

Crochet Dog Hat

This crochet dog hat is made with simple stitches and mostly medium weight acrylic yarn (Red Heart Super Saver). It works up quickly and has some fluffy yarn accents on the brim and ear flaps. The doggie model is our sweet little Sadie – she is a mini-dachshund who loves to wear sweaters, hats and costumes throughout the day. Every time we put this bomber hat on her it makes us smile. It actually does a great job of keeping[Read more]

Easy Crochet Scrunchie

Easy Crochet Scrunchie This week’s FREE pattern is a Velvet Scarf Scrunchie! It works up super fast – I was able to make mine in less than a half an hour and it makes for a great gift. I have A LOT of velvet yarn from various manufacturers and thought it would be fun to use it again for this project because it gives great volume and looks so luxurious. But if you don’t have velvet yarn (or would prefer[Read more]