Easy Crochet Summer Shawl Round-Up

Easy Crochet Summer Shawl Round-Up I think you’ll be inspired by this list of easy crochet summer shawl patterns! I love to design and crochet shawls for many reasons. Most shawls are one-size-fits-all so they are easy to crochet and gift to others! I love how they take a simple outfit and add eye-catching interest. I often wear crochet shawls with a basic black dress or white top. This really helps the shawl to shine and you feel great wearing[Read more]

Crochet Flower Scrubbie

Crochet Flower Scrubbie I love the scrubbie yarn you can get now and I love flowers so I thought I would combine the two to create this Crochet Flower Scrubbie! This project works up quickly with basic crochet stitches and a small amount of the bulky yarn. I think this would make a great hostess gift with a matching “Two Color Dishcloth” (found here) – It could also be a great co-worker or teacher gift since everyone needs to wash dishes![Read more]

Summer Crochet Earrings

Summer Crochet Earrings These Summer Crochet Earrings are perfect to wear when the weather is warm and the sun is shining! I love the design of Sand Dollars and am still dreaming to find one on a beach someday! With their simple lines and flower-like centers they are unique and easy to crochet. These summer crochet earrings are large and lacy (about 2 1/2″ across) so definitely a statement accessory but I also show you how to turn the earring[Read more]

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder

Easy Crochet Water Bottle Holder This easy crochet water bottle holder works up fast and is made out of plarn! Plarn is yarn made from recycled plastic bags and/or tablecloths.  I love to upcycle plastic in my crochet projects. (Check out some other free plarn crochet patterns here) This is an easy crochet pattern because it uses the same stitch for most of the water bottle holder. I love the texture this stitch gives to the project. I explain how[Read more]

Crochet Flower Bag

Crochet Flower Bag The Crochet Flower Bag is an easy crochet project that uses only 2 basic stitches and a fun Flower Loom Gadget by Clover. This time of year everyone loves to see the flowers blooming again and with Mother’s Day coming up, many people are thinking about giving flowers, too. I thought that making a simple bag shape with easy crochet stitches would help the pretty loom flowers stand out so that this bag is not only practical[Read more]