15 FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns

15 FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns

These FREE granny square bag patterns are full of color and pretty stitches that come together for eye-catching and practical bags that you can take with you anywhere! Granny Squares are very popular right now- you can see them all over the internet and even on some celebrities! They are easy to take with you on-the-go because you can work on a square or two in a small amount of time. Then after completing the ‘small’ pieces of your projec and before you know it, you have enough for your entire crochet creation. It is very rewarding to put all the crochet squares together and see what you’ve made. ๐Ÿ™‚

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What is a Granny Square?

What is a Granny Square exactly? Well, I always think of a traditional and classic Granny Square as the one you see with groups of 3 double crochets separated by ch-1 sps (as you can see in my rock cozy projects above – click here to see that FREE pattern). This stitch pattern was developed by the pioneers and settlers when they traveled West across America a long time ago. They discovered that these squares were a quick and efficient way to use up their yarn scraps to make something practical and necessary for a life on the prairie. I love that these Granny Squares are an American invention and have become so popular lately. But it seems that any crocheted square is now called a “Granny Square”. There are so many ways you can make a crochet square! But the Granny Square appeal seems to be for squares that start as circles and then are transformed into matching square shapes so they can be easily joined into bags, blankets, purses, pillows and more!

Stitches Used in the FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns

For the projects in this list of Bag Patterns you’ll need to know all of your basic crochet stitches: chain, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet and treble crochet. Some of these square projects incorporate cluster stitches. These are a somewhat intermediate stitch skill that takes 2 or more stitches and combines them into one. This technique is often used in granny squares that have flower motifs in them to create the petals.

Info About the FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns

For each of the FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns youโ€™ll see a photo and be able to read a little bit about the project. Youโ€™ll also see who designed the pattern, which yarn they used (with an affiliate link of where to purchase) and where you can find the FREE crochet pattern. I encourage you to visit the blog with your favorite crochet bag pattern โ€“ by doing so you are supporting crochet bloggers and helping us all to offer free patterns like these. Thank you for your support!

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Let’s get started on the Round-Up of 20 FREE Granny Square Bag Patterns!

1. Magnolia Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bag on a woman's shoulder next to a field with mountains in the background - bag is crocheted with blues, golds and white yarn

Isn’t this crochet bag so classy?! This bag pattern is made up of simple stitches and can be made with endless color combinations! I also love how it’s plenty big enough to hold everything you need! Itโ€™s the perfect mom bag!

Designer: Mama In A Stitch

Yarn: Lion Brand 24/7

Click here to see this free Granny Square Bag Pattern

2. Summer Days Daisy Bag

Daisy Square Bag held in front of a woman wearing a hat outdoors - bag features a daisy flower in the center of each square that makes up motif bag - all squares are edged in blue yarn

I love this cute daisy square bag! Daisy are such a pretty flower and go perfectly with summer days. This would make the perfect beach bag. I think it would also look nice with a deep blue like the ocean around the flower centers.

Designer: All About Ami

Yarn: Lion Brand 24/7

Click here to see the Summer Days Daisy Bag pattern

3. Hexagon Granny Square Bag

Hexagon Granny Square Bag pattern photos showing 3 bags in hexagon shape made in white, orange and maroon yarn

I love how unique and fun these hexagon bags are! If you’re looking for something a little different but still practical, this is the pattern for you! The free pattern also includes different size options so it’s super versatile and customizable.

Designer: Briana K Designs

Yarn: Upcycled Alpaca Blend

Click here for this FREE Granny Square Bag Pattern

4. Flower Motif Bucket Bag

Bucket bag made with flower motifs and gold and tan yarn with a white background - also shows same bag done in blues and golds

This flower motif bucket bag is so practical and classy! Bucket bags are a fun variation to the traditional granny square bag and very easy to make. Plus, you can fit a lot inside and there’s no chance anything could accidentally fall out. It’s a great summer bag!

Designer: Yarn & Hooks

Yarn: Any Cotton Yarn

Click here to see this free crochet bag pattern

5. Crochet Granny Square Pouch

Granny Square Bag pattern of a small flower motif drawstring bag - 3 shown on a white background

These little granny square drawstring bags are adorable! They would be great for gifts, jewelry, coins, etc. The free pattern is in the form of a video tutorial which makes it easy to follow along and whip up quickly!

Designer: Cloud Pusher

Yarn: Any

Click here to watch this FREE Granny Square Bag project come to life

6. Crochet Granny Square Bag

Brightly colored crochet square bags with flower centers and white edgings on a white background

Crossbody bags are very trendy right now. This crossbody purse would be a great option for a cute yet practical purse and can be easily customized to match your style!

Designer: Heather Corinne Crochets

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Click here to get this crochet Granny Square Bag Pattern

7. Granny Square Crossbody Bag

Simple crossbody bag made with 4 crocheted granny squares in white, pink and yellow - shown on woman wearing in front over shoulders

This granny belt bag is another great crossbody bag option! It’s so cute and easy to whip up! Perfect for when you want your hands to be free but still need to carry a few essentials! I love the classic and traditional look of this granny square bag and how it is made into a very modern bag style.

Designer: OTH Crochet Nook

Yarn: Any

Click here to see the Crossbody Bag pattern

8. River Stone Granny Square Crochet Bag

Granny Square Bag made in soft pinks and tan colors with flower sunburst in center of each square held by woman standing with plants behind her

This granny square tote bag has a really unique stitch pattern and is so beautiful! It could easily become your go-to bag for just about any occasion.

Designer: MJs Off The Hook

Yarn: Upcycle Alpaca Blend

Click here to see this FREE Bag pattern

9. Rainbow Sunburst Tote Bag

Crochet motif bag hanging on a white wall - each motif has a colorful flower sunburst shape at the center and all are edged with off-white yarn - rectangular bag with a flat bottom

This granny square bag has such fun colors and a gorgeous floral design! Also, I like how it has a flat bottom – so practical!

Designer: Briana Hart

Yarn: Magic Light Yarn & Caron One Pound

Click here to see the Rainbow Sunburst Tote Bag Pattern

10. Celtic Knot Zipper Pouch

Green rectangular Celtic Knot at center of orange rectangular crochet motif that is made into a zipper pouch on a white wooden background with crochet tools - hook clips, scissors

This is a unique granny square bag pattern because it is made up of just one crochet motif with a simple Celtic Knot at its center. This project is crocheted with basic stitches that take the rectangular shape and add to it to make a zipper pouch that has its opening on the back side. It works great for crochet notions – it sits flat on your work surface with the zipper opening up making it easy to find your tools!

Designer: Yours truly, Jennifer Ryan ๐Ÿ™‚ of Celtic Knot Crochet

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

Click here to see this FREE Granny Square Bag Pattern

11. Crochet Granny Square Purse

Woman in overalls wearing a granny square bucket hat and holding a granny square purse over her shoulder - both projects made in soft yellows, grays and off-white

The shape of this granny square bag is unique and stylish! You can make the bucket hat as well to go with this purse – how fun is that?!

Designer: Make And Do Crew

Yarn: Lion Brand Pima Cotton

Click here to see the Crochet Granny Square Purse pattern

12. Carry Me Home Crochet Bag

Very colorful bag held on beach scene by woman wearing white top

I absolutely love the unique color combinations in this granny square bag! It is very boho and beachy – so cute! It would be a great staple this summer.

Designer: Garn Studio

Yarn: Drops Paris Yarn

Click here to see this FREE Bag Pattern

13. Sweet Summer Sunflower Bag

Crochet sunflower motifs made into a granny square bag with white edging on a chair next to a window

Who doesnโ€™t love sunflowers?! This crochet square bag is so summery and sweet! Itโ€™s also a fairly simple pattern that whips up quickly so you wonโ€™t have to wait very long before you can have this adorable bag ready to use!

Designer: Crochet 365 Knit Too

Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn

Click here for the Sweet Summer Sunflower Bag pattern

14. African Flower Bag

African flower motifs crocheted in pink with gray edging to create a bucket style bag on a white background

I like the unique floral design of this granny square bag and the bright colors are so fun! Drawstring bags are super practical too, especially if you have your hands full and want to be sure you donโ€™t lose anything.

Designer: Nilla K Creates

Yarn: Any Chunky Cotton Yarn

Click here for this FREE Bag Pattern

15. Bobble Granny Square Coin Purse

Small crochet motif coin purses in white, yellow and maroon on a white background with light pink roses nearby

These little granny square coin purses are adorable! They have a wristband and a zipper which makes them very practical while also being unique and stylish! And because theyโ€™re so small, you could whip up a lot of these in no time! They would make great gifts as well.

Designer: Crochet For You

Yarn: Ice Yarn Favorite

Click here to see this cute Granny Square Bag Pattern

15 Granny Square Bag Patterns!

So, there you have it – 15 Granny Square Bag Patterns for you! Which one is your favorite? I love the classic Granny Square that includes bright colors mixed with white rounds but I also love the pretty African Flower motifs made in pinks with a neutral gray edging. Bags are one of the best projects to make with crochet because everyone could always use another bag! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you would like to see more FREE crochet pattern Round-Ups, then check out this page here.

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Thank you for visiting! Happy crocheting!


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  1. The bags are wonderful, I look forward to making one of them soon, I’m having a hard time deciding, but I think the sunflowers ๐ŸŒป would be perfect for spring ๐ŸŒž

    1. Hi. Each of the bags is unique and the piece of art. It’s hard to pick just one. I would try to make each one for my collection. I’d start with the hexagon granny square bag then celtic knot zipper pouch and then the other ones just to be ready for summer ๐ŸŒž

  2. I love the Daisy Tote the sunflower and the African flower bags. How do I choose? Oh well best to try all 3 lol

    1. LOL! It’s always hard for me to choose between so many great crochet projects – if they only all came with bottles of time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. All are amazing but I think I am drawn to the sunflower bag, one day I am going to make me at least one of these.

  4. I am going to try the sunflower bag bc I have a friend that loves sunflowers and I really think she will love this bag. I also want to try the granny square purse and the bucket hat to match.

  5. I can’t wait to try the Magnolia, the flower motif bucket, and the African flower. The Celtic knot zipper one looks intriguing but never done zippers

  6. Thank you for offering the “Giveaway”.
    In response to your question:
    The African Flower Bag

    My choice’s reason: since the draw string is better able to keep the bag’s contents inside.

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