Celtic Snowflake Pattern

Celtic Snowflake pattern shown in the actual snowflake hanging on a Christmas tree with a flower-like Celtic Knot in the center

Celtic Snowflake Pattern

This Celtic Snowflake Pattern is the newest pattern in my Etsy Shop. I love how it turned out and decided to call it the “Celtic Flower Snowflake“. The unique flower Celtic Knot is easily created with one crocheted cord and then I added another thin silver cord that is woven in between the “petals”. Lastly, the woven knot is edged with 2 rounds of simple & lacy crochet stitches.

Small view of the first page of the Celtic Snowflake Pattern so you can click on it and purchase pattern PDF

Crochet Snowflake Pattern Available in My Etsy Shop

This crochet snowflake pattern is now available in my Etsy shop here. When you purchase this pattern, you will be able to download the PDF file immediately and start making your snowflake today! The 16-page instructions are ad-free and written in clear and large text. Inside the instructions you’ll also see over 25 color photos and clear actual- size color-coded Celtic Knot diagrams for BOTH (!) Right-Handers and Left-Handers!

Celtic Flower Snowflake on a green felt background

Skill Level:

Easy (for crochet stitching); Intermediate (for Celtic Knot Weaving)


Approximately 6 1/2″ across from point to point

Celtic Flower Snowflake

This Celtic Flower Snowflake uses a small amount of Size 10 cotton crochet thread and an even smaller amount of some silver metallic embroidery thread. I love how the white and silver look together. I also think that you could make this Celtic snowflake pattern in a variety of colors for different looks.

Close up photo of the Celtic Snowflake Pattern hanging on a Christmas tree

Stitches you Need to Know for the Celtic Snowflake Pattern

This Celtic Snowflake Pattern uses only the basic crochet stitches. For this project you would need to know how to do: chain, slip stitch, and single crochet – that’s it! The thread is very thin so that does take some getting used to. I recommend using the Clover crochet hooks (they have a silicone handle that helps your hand to feel its best while crocheting with the thin thread) and a good light (or bright sunlight shining in through a window). These things help my snowflake turn out the best and they help me to enjoy the process the most!

Some of the supplies needed to make the Celtic Flower Snowflake - white crochet thread, crochet hook - with completed snowflake and half done snowflake on a brown wooden background

Supplies Needed for the Celtic Flower Snowflake:

As stated above this Celtic Snowflake Pattern uses a very small amount of supplies. I love that I can create something so pretty out of a few yards of thread from my stash! I highly recommend the metallic thread by DMC – it comes in silver and gold and adds great highlights thread crochet projects. Here is a list of the supplies I used for the Celtic snowflake pattern:

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Yarn: Size 10 cotton crochet thread & Silver metallic embroidery thread

(I used Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 Cotton crochet Thread in White and DMC Metallic Perle Cotton #5)

Hook: 1.5 mm by Clover

Other Supplies: 6 stitch markers; Embroidery needle; Cork board (6” square); 20-30 straight sewing pins; Hot glue gun and glue sticks; Fabric stiffener (or white glue); 6” x 6” square of aluminum foil; 30 Rust-proof pins (for stiffening)

Celtic Snowflake completed hanging on a Christmas tree with a red sparkly ball ornament near by

Make the Celtic Snowflake Pattern Today!

If you have worked with thread before, then you definitely could make this snowflake in an afternoon. I usually work on my snowflake projects in stages – one day I make the cords and sometimes wet block them overnight, the next day I weave the knots and then the day after that I add the edging stitches and stiffen the snowflake. It’s so fun to have your own little “reveal” once the stiffener has dried!

Remember, you can purchase this pattern here in my Etsy Shop – hurry, it’s on sale for the next few days only!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Crocheting!


Long image for Pinterest of Celtic Snowflake on a tree and a close up of snowflake on a green background

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