Crochet Fall Leaf

A yellow crocheted maple leaf made out of Celtic Knot motifs laying on a brown wooden background with real red leaves around

Crochet Fall Leaf

The Crochet Fall Leaf is a unique and eye-catching fall decoration that is easy to crochet and simple to weave. I enjoyed creating this Celtic Knot design and watching it all come together as I crocheted the various cords and wove them all. You can make a Celtic Fall Leaf with the large-print ad-free pattern PDF available now in my Etsy Shop here. (Or simply click on any image in this blog post to purchase)

A yellow crochet fall leaf next to a red and orange crochet fall leaf all made out of Celtic Knot motifs and laying on a white wooden background with small fabric leaves around

3 Sizes and 3 Diagrams for the Crochet Fall Leaf

For this new Celtic Knot project I am doing something new – there are 3 sizes of diagrams included in the instructions. Each set (large, medium and small) also comes in both Right and Left-Handed versions! The neat thing about these 3 sizes is that the pattern does not change at all – simply use a different sized yarn and the matching hook and you get a different-sized crochet fall leaf! I used a Size 3 (DK weight) cotton yarn for the large leaf, a Size 3 crochet cotton thread for the medium leaf and Size 10 cotton crochet thread for the small leaf. I love how just changing the yarn and hooks creates these 3 different leaves.

Supplies to make the crochet fall leaf - yarn, crochet hooks, measuring tape, stitch markers, scissors and needles

Stitches You’ll Need to Know:

As I mentioned this Crochet Fall Leaf uses only basic crochet stitches: slip stitch, chain, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. There are several cords that you crochet and then weave together following the provided diagrams to get this pretty maple leaf shape.

A red crochet fall leaf made with 2 shades of Size 3 red cotton yarn and several Celtic Knot motifs to make a maple leaf shape laying on a white wooden background

Applique, Table Decoration, or Wall Hanging!

This Crochet Fall Leaf can be appliqued onto a pillow, blanket or scarf. Perhaps if you are Canadian and have Irish heritage you would like to make a red version of this Celtic leaf and sew it onto a winter hat to show your pride for both Canada and Ireland! πŸ™‚ You could also make several of these leaves to lay on your Thanksgiving table as a decoration or put one on each person’s plate as a unique autumn favor for them to take home. Another option is that you could stiffen the crochet fall leaf so it hangs nicely either on the wall, in a wreath or from your mantel!

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Skill Level: Easy

3 sizes of a Celtic Fall Leaf in 3 different colors: orange, yellow and red all laying on a white wooden background

Finished Measurements of the Crochet Fall Leaf:

Large (Size 3/DK weight yarn) = 5 ¾” tall x 6 ¾” wide

Medium (Size 3 cotton crochet thread) = 5” tall x 5 ½” wide

Small (Size 10 cotton crochet thread) = 3 ¼” tall x 3 ¼” wide

Here’s What’s Included in the Pattern PDF:

Inside the 12-page large-print crochet fall leaf instructions you will find several clear color photos helping you with each step of the project. All stitches are defined on page 2 and several video tutorial links are provided to help with some of the techniques and stitches. There are also 3 sets of Celtic Knot diagrams to help you weave the knots. Each set comes in Small, Medium and Large depending on the yarn you used. And there is also a set for Right and Left-Handers – all included in the price of the pattern. These diagrams are actual size and color-coded so you can be successful – just print and go! Or should I say, “print and weave”! πŸ˜‰

A red crochet fall leaf laying on a white wooden background in between a yellow and orange crochet leaf - each leaf is made with several Celtic Knots and look like maple leaves

The Celtic Fall Leaf – a Most Unique Crochet Fall Leaf:

This Celtic Fall Leaf is fun and easy to make and looks great among your home decor for autumn or Thanksgiving. If you look closely at the leaf, you will notice that it is actually a simple design with 3 repeating sections made of a traditional trinity knot and basic leaf shape. This crochet fall leaf uses a small amount of yarn so it is a great stashbusting project.

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Long image of the crochet fall leaf design to be used to pin to a board in Pinterest - at the top is the yellow Celtic Knot leaf and on the bottom are all 3 Celtic Knot fall leaves

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  1. Wow, this is absolutely stunning! Got to be one of my most favourite designs so far you have designed since I started following your blog! Beautiful. Thinking about where to apply one to already πŸ™‚

    1. Awww, thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. When you work on a design for many hours, you start to wonder if it looks good any more – Lol! Happy creating! (Please send along a photo if you think of it – would love to see yours!) πŸ™‚

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