Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns

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Crochet Christmas Wearable pattern photos of red stocking earrings, red, white and green santa hat, green grinch leg scarf and Christmas tote bags

Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns

I love to make crochet Christmas Wearable projects this time of year. The symbols of Christmas are timeless and easy to crochet with basic stitches and creative uses of the signature Christmas colors – red, green and white. I love how red and green look together along with red and white and then green and white. So many possibilities! Most crocheters have plenty of these colors in their stash so many of these crochet Christmas wearable patterns can be made with what you already have on hand.

Stitches Used in the Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns

Most of these FREE crochet patterns use basic crochet stitches such as: single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. Some of these patterns are worked in the round (always have the Right Side facing you) and others are worked in rows (back and forth). Several of these crochet Christmas wearable patterns have decrease and increase stitches to create the various shapes of Christmas and certain wearables. So, if those things are new to you, I recommend trying out one of these projects so you learn as you make a neat Christmas project!

Info about each Crochet Christmas Wearable Pattern

For each FREE Crochet Christmas Wearable Pattern you’ll see a photo and be able to read a little bit about the project. You’ll also see who designed the pattern, which yarn they used (with an affiliate link of where to purchase) and where you can find the FREE crochet pattern. I encourage you to visit the blog with your favorite crochet Christmas wearable pattern – by doing so you are supporting crochet bloggers and helping us all to offer free patterns like these. Thank you for your support!

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Let’s get started on the Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns!

1. Christmas Tote Bags

Red santa tote bag and white snowman tote bag crocheted and laying on a white background

Easily customizable and simple to make, swap your regular purse out for one of these tote bags this Christmas season and you’ll be getting compliments all day long. 😉 They would also make fantastic gifts, especially for kids! They are also great for beginners because they are mostly all single crochet stitches.

Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

Yarn: Bernat Super Value

Click here to see this FREE crochet Christmas pattern

2. Easy Santa Hat

Woman wearing a crochet Christmas wearable - red and white santa hat with pompom

Looking for a simple, free, and customizable Santa hat pattern to make for your whole family? Well, look no further. This Christmas Santa hat is extremely beginner-friendly and includes a variety of color and size options so you can make this crochet Christmas wearable pattern for all your family and friends. Our family loves to wear Christmas hats as we decorate the tree and make Christmas cookies. I love the look of this one!

Designer: Okie Girl Bling N’ Things

Yarn: I Love This Yarn

Click here to get the FREE crochet pattern

3. Festive Reindeer Headband

Reindeer headband crocheted with brown and tan yarn and a holly leaf embellishment

Headbands are such an easy wearable to make and there are so many options, especially for Christmas! Headbands are perfect for someone who may be too shy to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or a Santa Suit. 😉 This free reindeer headband pattern is perfect for kids or anyone that’s a kid at heart. It’s also a rather simple pattern that would whip up quickly which is always a plus!

Designer: Chain 8 Designs

Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn

Click here to see the pattern for this Crochet Christmas Wearable pattern

4. Festive Stocking Earrings

Red and white small crocheted stocking earrings as part of the crochet Christmas wearable pattern round-up

These Christmas stocking earrings are so unique and cute! The pattern is free and made up of all simple stitches which makes it a quick and easy gift to whip up this Christmas! Plus, you could make these in a variety of color-combinations and add some fun embellishments to make them an even more unique crochet Christmas wearable.

Designer: Divine Debris

Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread

Click here for the Festive Stocking Earrings FREE crochet pattern

5. Santa/Christmas Dog Bandana

Santa bandana on a large black and white dog

Who says your pets can’t be decked out in Christmas wearables too?! This free Santa bandana pattern is easy to make and includes different size options which makes it simple to customize one for whatever size dog or cat you have!

Designer: Jo to the World Creations

Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable & Bernat Pipsqueak

Click here to see this crochet Christmas wearable pattern

6. Country Cottage Socks

Red and white crocheted socks as part of the crochet Christmas wearable pattern round-up

Aren’t these Christmas socks the cutest? I just love the stitching pattern and how warm and cozy they look! If you’re looking for a fun and practical crochet Christmas wearable to make for yourself or someone else, give this one a try!

Designer: The Turtle Trunk

Yarn: I Love This Yarn

Click here to see this FREE crochet pattern

7. Tip-Toeing Christmas Legs Scarf

Grinch leg scarf showing a long lime green length crocheted with white fluffy socks and red grinch like feet

If you love the Grinch (who doesn’t?!), you definitely need to make this cute and festive Christmas scarf! This pattern is free and easily customizable for different sizes so you can have your whole family or friend group wearing Grinch legs this Christmas! Wouldn’t that be a fun Christmas photo?

Designer: The Crafter Life

Yarn: Loops & Threads Cozy Wool & Bernat Pipsqueak

Click here to see this fun crochet Christmas wearable pattern

8. Crochet Santa Helper Hat

Red, white and green crocheted santa hat with red pompom and white crocheted baubles

This adorable elf hat makes a great crochet Christmas wearable project! I love the creative use of crochet stitches to create a unique hat design full of eye-catching colors and shapes.

Designer: Crochet For You

Yarn: Ice Yarn Favorite & Ice Yarn Chiclayo

Click here to the FREE Crochet Santa Helper Hat pattern

9. Christmas Holly Earrings

Small crocheted holly earrings as part of the crochet Christmas wearable pattern round-up

I love to design jewelry and I love the look of holly leaves so I combined those things to create this small and quick crochet Christmas wearable pattern. The Christmas Holly Earrings are made with Size 10 cotton crochet thread which can take some practice since the yarn is so thin. You can always practice the pattern with larger yarn and then your practice projects would probably work well for pretty holly leaf decorations!

Designer: Yours truly, Jennifer Ryan of Celtic Knot Crochet

Yarn: Size 10 cotton crochet thread and metallic thread

Click here to get this FREE Christmas earring pattern

10. Festive Crochet Ribbed Scarf

Long Crocheted Christmas scarf made in stripes of red, green and white

This free crochet wearable Christmas pattern is super beginner-friendly and so easy to customize to your liking. The design makes a warm and cozy scarf, perfect for those cold winter days! I love the use of a white stripe in between the red and green stripes – so pretty!

Designer: Pattern Princess

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Click here to see this FREE crochet scarf pattern

11. Christmas Light Headband

Colorful crocheted Christmas lights on a headband worn by a woman with glasses

If you really want to go all out and get your Christmas crazy on, then this free Christmas wearable pattern is for you! Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned Christmas lights? Especially if you can wear them on your head! 😉 I think it would be great to add battery-operated twinkle lights as an “over-the-top” fun embellishment! What do you think of this crochet Christmas wearable?

Designer: A Crafty Concept

Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn

Click here to see the Christmas Light Headband pattern

12. Holly Jolly Christmas Socks

Red and green crocheted ankle socks shown on someone's feet while standing on a wooden surface

These festive socks are the perfect crochet Christmas wearable addition to your wardrobe this season! The free pattern is made up of all beginner-friendly stitches which makes this project simple and quick.

Designer: The Lavender Chair

Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn

Click here to see this FREE crochet Christmas wearable pattern

12 Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns

So, there you have it – 12 Crochet Christmas Wearable Patterns! I think there are endless creative possibilities with Christmas-themed crochet projects and love how the designers in this list came up with some great projects. Which one do you think you’ll try? Please let us know in the comments below – I would love to hear about it.

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Happy crocheting!


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