Crochet Mason Jar Lantern

5 glowing crochet mason jar lanterns with greenery in the background. Each lantern is made with lacy stitches in white, blues and pinks

Crochet Mason Jar Lantern

I love the look of mason jars! So, I created this Crochet Mason Jar Lantern out of Size 3 cotton crochet thread and a pretty lacy crochet stitch. Can you tell which stitch it is? It is the Solomon’s Knot! At first glance this stitch looks complicated but it really isn’t that difficult to do. It is a unique variation of the single crochet stitch. If you’ve never tried the Solomon’s Knot before, I highly recommend trying it for this project. I think you’ll love the results and realize that the stitch is a lot easier than it looks. I explain how to do the Solomon’s Knot stitch below. Or you can watch a quick Youtube short here where I show you how to do the stitch. A step-by-step video tutorial of this entire project is coming soon!

Recycled Glass Jars Would Work

You can find mason jars at any local craft store, at many grocery stores and at several discount stores. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. If you can’t find a mason jar, you can also try using recycled pickle jars. The jars that work best for this project have an indent at the top where the sides of the jar meet the very top where you twist on a top. Of course, you will need to check the size of your project against the jar you plan to use – as you crochet you may need to adjust the number of solid rounds in the very beginning (that go on the bottom of the jar) or the number of lacy rounds that cover the side of the jar. I love to use recycled glass jars for this project.

Crochet Mason Jar Lanterns shown in daylight with small tea light candles inside

Perfect Wedding Decoration

The Crochet Mason Jar Lantern would make the perfect wedding table decoration! You could make a grouping of 3 lanterns in the wedding colors for the center of every table. They also look very pretty with a little sand added to the bottom under the tea light candle or battery-operated tea light. The lacy Solomon’s Knot stitches make beautiful shadows once the lights shine from within. You could also add a simple chain length as a hanger around the top lip of the jar and hang these lanterns from the side of a wedding tent or tree branches. (Of course, it’s best to use the battery-operated tea lights if you have the tops near any flammable materials – tent fabric, tree branches, bridesmaid dresses, etc.)

Skill Level: Intermediate


Large Jar = 7 ¼” tall

Medium Jar = 5 ¼” tall

Small Jar = 3 3/4″ tall

Supplies for the crochet mason jar lanterns including Size 3 pink crochet thread, crochet hook and tapestry needle

Supplies for the Crochet Mason Jar Lantern:

Click on the supply name to purchase

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1 ball Size 3 cotton crochet thread per lantern

(I used Lizbeth yarn by Handy Hands which you can find here. The colors in the photos are: # 601 Snow White, # 664 Ocean Teal Med, # 665 Ocean Teal Dk)

2.75mm Clover crochet hook

1 mason jar – 32 oz. jar or 16 oz jar (These jars linked here are plain and do not have words on the sides)

Jumbo Tapestry Needle

Tea Light (With a wick or battery-operated) **Please note – Do NOT leave lit lanterns unattended – If not sure you can stay in room with lantern, then use battery-operated tea lights**

Optional: Small amount of sand

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Special Stitches and Abbreviations:

Adjustable Ring: Wrap yarn around hand to create a loop; pull working end of yarn through lp with hk;

*Watch a short video tutorial of this technique here*

Dc (double crochet) = YO, insert hook into stitch, YO, draw up a loop, (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice

Sl st (slip stitch) = Insert hook into stitch, YO, pull through stitch and loop on hook

Solomon’s Knot (SK): Pull working loop on hook so extended to 1 inch long; ch 1, insert hook into back bar of this large chain and complete a sc; pull stitch tightly to lock long loop in place  (Sc will be where future stitches are worked)

Click here to see a quick video demo of this stitch

Back bar of the Chain = When looking at the right side of a chain, you see many “V’s” and the chain looks like a braid. Turn the chain over and you see a series of bumps – it is in these bumps that you will work across the chain to produce a cord with even edges along both sides

Click here to watch a short video tutorial on this technique

YO (yarn over)

Hk (hook)

Lp (loop)

Ch (chain)

St (stitch)

Sp (space)

Close up view of the crochet mason jar lanterns showing the lacy stitches and the candle burning inside


Weave in loose ends as work progresses.

For Rounds 1-7: At end of each round join with slip stich at top of each beginning ch-3

Chain-3 at beginning of round counts as first double crochet unless otherwise stated

(The smallest lantern only has 2 rounds of the SK stitch and I worked the bottom circle until it measured the same size as the bottom of the jar. Then I worked Round 7. For the top band I chained 40. – This is an example of how you can take this pattern and adjust it to fit the jar you have)

3 lanterns with candles glowing inside

My Tips for Making This Project:

Be careful to make all SK stitches the same size and no longer than 1 inch each so that stitching best fits around mason jars.

As work on project stop to see how it fits jar after each round – be prepared to make adjustments if needed (ie. Switch to smaller hook or remove one round (from rounds 1-6) if your project is too big; Switch to a larger hook or add one round (from rounds 1-6 and possibly from Rounds 8-13) if your project is too small)

Each ‘lacy loop’ along body of jar consists of 2 Solomon’s Knot stitches – each contain a ‘locking sc’; Each SK of subsequent rounds is worked into these ‘locking sc’

The small jar made in dark pink shown in the daylight

Instructions for the Crochet Mason Jar Lantern:

Special stitches are written in bold and italicized text and defined above

Large Lantern (for 32 oz jar):

Round 1:

Work (ch 3, 11 dc) in an adjustable ring.

Round 2: 

Ch 3, dc in same st; 2 dc in each st around. (24 dc)

Round 3: 

Ch 3, dc in same st; (2 dc in next st, dc in next st) around. (36 dc)

Round 4: 

Ch 3, dc in same st; (2 dc in next st, dc in each of next 2 sts) around. (48 dc)

Testing the bottom circle for how it fits your glass jar

Round 5: 

Ch 3, dc in same st; (2 dc in next st, dc in each of next 3 sts) around. (60 dc)

Round 6:

Ch 3, dc in same st; (2 dc in next st, dc in each of next 4 sts) around. (72 dc)

Round 7: 

Ch 3, working in the back loop only, dc in each st around. (72 dc)

The crochet mason jar lantern project laid flat on a white wooden surface

This photos shows what the project looks like laid flat – the bottom circle with 3 rounds of the SK stitch

Round 8: 

(2 SK, sk next 5 sts, sl st in next st) around ending with sl st in base of 1st SK. (12 2-SK groups – large; 10 2-SK groups – small)

Round 9: 

SK, sl st in next sc  (which is the locking sc of 1st SK st of previous round); [2 SK, sk next locking sc, sl st in next locking sc (which is the sc found at the “top” of the next 2-SK group)] around ending with sl st in in base of 1st SK.

Rounds 10-12: 

Repeat Round 9 – do not fasten off.

5 lanterns lit up inside to show how the candles and stitches create pretty shadows

Finishing and Assembly of the Crochet Mason Jar Lantern:

**Note: About half way through the next round, insert jar**

Round 13: 

SK, sl st in next sc (which is the locking sc of 1st SK st of previous round); [ch 3, sk next locking sc, sl st in next locking sc] around ending with sl st in 1st ch. Fasten off.

**An alternative to Round 13 is to chain a length that is long enough to wrap around top lip of jar with a little more to tie in a bow; Thread this chain length through all of the “tops” of the 2-SK groups and tighten while tying into a bow – This alternative method can allow you to send the lacy crocheted covers to someone where they put them on the glass jars. Shipping the glass jars can be very expensive and usually results in broken glass**

Medium Lantern (for 16 oz jar):

Work the following rounds as for the Large Lantern

Rounds 1 – 5

Round 7 -10

Round 13

Small Lantern – see Notes section

Top Band:

Ch 47

Row 1:

Working in the back bar of the ch, dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across. (44 dc) Turn.

Row 2: 

Ch 1, sc in each st across. Turn.

Row 3:

Ch 3, dc in next st and in each st across. Turn. (Fasten off for medium lantern)

For Large Lantern only:

Row 4:

Ch 1, sc in each st across. Fasten off.

Slide band over top lip of each jar

5 lanterns lit with candles outside near a garden with greenery behind

Your Crochet Mason Jar Lantern is Complete!

Tada! Your Crochet Mason Jar Lantern is complete! Don’t you just love how it turned out? I hope you enjoyed making this project. I have been using these lanterns on our outdoor table during the summer and on our coffee table during the colder months. I love the soft glow that these lanterns emit through the Solomon’s Knot stitches. One of my daughters loves these so much that she would love to have them as part of the decorations for her wedding one day! Don’t forget to pin the image below to one of your Pinterest boards so you don’t forget where you found this project. 🙂

Remember you can find all of my FREE patterns here.

Thank you for visiting – Happy crocheting!


Long image to use for a pinterest board of the lanterns at dusk and during the day

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