Patriotic Crochet Pattern Round-Up

Collage of red, white and blue crochet projects

Patriotic Crochet Pattern Round-Up

This Patriotic Crochet Pattern Round-Up is full of pretty crochet projects that use the colors red, white and blue in creative ways. I love patriotic projects and enjoy putting up red, white and blue decorations around the patriotic holidays. But I also think it can be good to have some red, white and blue items up in your home year round to remind you of all there is to be thankful for.

Basic Crochet Stitches

For most of these projects you will need to just know the basic crochet stitches. A few patterns use chevron stitching (wavy pattern) and others use clusters and V-stitches. These can all be crocheted very simply just by using various combinations of the basic stitches.

Red, White and Blue & Color Changing

You can find some color changing yarn in red, white and blue but for most of these projects it would look best to change colors often to get the crisp and clean look of the red, white and blue. There are many ways to change colors in crochet. You can fasten off one color and join the next one with a sl st. Or you can start the new color with the last Yarn Over of the previous stitch. This prevents an ugly knot in the middle of your work and provides a clean transition between colors. You could also start the new color with a stitch and not use the slip stitch – these are called “standing” stitches or “Joining with a _____” – I have a couple of video tutorials for this method on my Youtube Channel here. Whichever method you choose to use, you’ll be glad you did to get the pretty red, white and blue in one project!

Info about Each Patriotic Crochet Pattern

For each of the free patriotic crochet patterns you’ll see a photo and be able to read a little bit about the project. You’ll also see who designed the pattern, which yarn they used (with an affiliate link of where to purchase) and where you can find the FREE crochet pattern. I encourage you to visit the blogs with your favorite red, white and blue patterns – by doing so you are supporting crochet bloggers and helping us all to offer free patterns like these. Thank you for your support!

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Let’s get started with our Patriotic Crochet Patterns!

1. Uncle Sam Bottle Cozy

Red and white striped water bottle cover with blue stripe and white stars along top

How fun is this patriotic water bottle cozy?! It makes the perfect parade or party accessory and is made with simple stitches. You can whip these up for friends and family and keep everyone’s drinks cold and stylish 😉

    Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

    Designer: Yarn Artists

    Click here to see this Patriotic Crochet Pattern

    2. Patriotic Mason Jar Covers

    Red and white striped mason jar covers crocheted along with solid blue cover with white stars appliqued on top

    These simple crocheted mason jar covers are so festive and versatile. You can put them on jars for utensils, flowers, drinks, etc. for a patriotic touch everywhere you look!

    Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

    Designer: Heart Hook Home

    Click here to see the Patriotic Mason Jar Covers

    3. Crochet Patriotic Tote Bag

    Red and white striped crochet bag with a solid blue bottom as part of the patriotic crochet pattern round-up

    This patriotic bag is just the right thing to take with you to the pool or beach this summer. Made up of mostly single crochets, this bag is beginner friendly and whips up quickly!

    Yarn: Bernat Super Value

    Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

    Click here to see this patriotic crochet pattern

    4. Crochet Patriotic Flower Coasters

    Circular coasters crocheted in red, white and blue

    These fun flower coasters are just what you need to add to your patriotic table decor this summer! They are made up of basic stitches and only take a few minutes to create which means you can make a whole bunch at a time!

    Yarn: I Love This Cotton Yarn

    Designer: Creating Me

    Click here to see the coasters pattern

    5. Patriotic Plarn Banner

    Triangular granny square motifs crocheted in red, white and blue with plarn and tassels

    This Patriotic Crochet Pattern is by me! 🙂 I love the granny square look and thought these granny triangles were the perfect way to add some red, white and blue in a banner. Look closely and you’ll see that this banner is crocheted with plarn made from recycled tablecloths!

    Yarn: Plarn

    Designer: Yours truly, Jennifer Ryan (Celtic Knot Crochet)

    Click here to see the Patriotic Plarn Banner pattern

    6. Independence Day American Flag Bracelet and Cuff

    Red, white and blue simple crochet bracelets as part of the patriotic crochet pattern round-up

    These bracelets are so easy to customize and make it easy to add a unique and patriotic touch to your outfit! This pattern also has a video tutorial you can follow which should make it suitable for all levels.

    Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

    Designer: Colleen Hays

    Click here to see this patriotic crochet pattern

    7. American Flag Wreath

    A red, white and blue wreath made of several crocheted circles

    This wreath would add the perfect patriotic touch to your front door this summer. The pattern is made up of only 3 basic stitches, making it super simple and quick to make!

    Yarn: I Love This Yarn

    Designer: Highland Hickory Designs

    Click here to see the American Flag Wreath pattern

    8. Star Spangled Banner Crocheted Bunting

    Red, white and blue garland made with crocheted stars and half circles for the patriotic crochet pattern round-up

    This eye-catching banner would make a nice addition to your fireplace mantel or fence this summer! You can customize the colors and length of the banner to add your own unique touch to this project. I love the combination of stars and half circles.

    Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted

    Designer: Petals to Picots

    Click here to see this patriotic crochet pattern

    9. Patriotic Hair Bandanas

    Small head bandanas made in red, white and blue shown on 2 young girls

    These bandanas make the cutest hair accessory, especially for kids! The pattern is completely beginner friendly and takes no time at all to whip up! Plus, you can always make these in other colors, too.

    Designer: Hooked on Homemade Happiness

    Yarn: Any Worsted Weight Yarn

    Click here to see the Patriotic Hair Bandana pattern

    10. Wavy American Flag

    Large red, white and blue blanket made with red and white wavy stripes and top left corner in all blue with 50 white crocheted stars appliqued on top

    Want to show your American pride and stay warm? This patriotic project is ambitious, but the final look is so worth it! I think the chevron (wavy) pattern in the red and white looks so pretty along with the 50 appliqued white stars.

      Designer: Tracy Johnson

      Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

      Click here to see this FREE patriotic crochet pattern

      11. Patriotic Table Runner

      Long oval red, white and blue table runner crocheted as part of the patriotic crochet pattern round-up

      Between the mason jars, coasters, and this runner, your table will be as patriotic as can be! Perfect for those summer-time BBQs!

        Designer: Heart Hook Home

        Yarn: Any Cotton Yarn

        Click here to see the Patriotic Table Runner pattern

        12. Patriotic Popsicle Crochet Cuddle Buddy

        Large popsicle shaped softie crocheted in red, white and blue with eyes and mouth

        Ok, I think we can all agree that this is the cutest thing ever and everyone needs one. 🙂 So get crocheting because this little patriotic crochet popsicle buddy is going to brighten up your summer! And would you believe it is mostly all single crochet stitches?

        Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

        Yarn: Bernat Super Value

        Click here to see this adorable patriotic crochet pattern

        13. Patriotic Heart Ornament

        Small red, white and blue hearts that can be used as an ornament or motif for a garland

        These cute little patriotic hearts are easy to crochet and have such a clever use of color-changes with the red, white and blue. I love that the designer used small beads on the blue section to give the look of stars. I think these hearts would look great in a garland!

        Designer: Golden Lucy Crafts

        Yarn: Any acrylic yarn

        Click here to see the Patriotic Heart Ornament pattern

        14. Americana Pillows

        two pillows on a chair - one pillow is dark blue with 5 white crocheted stars, other pillow is crocheted with thick red and white stripes

        If the American Waves blanket is a bit too involved for you, these pillows are a bit easier to tackle and still give off the same American pride on your front porch or sofa! I love that they are so easily customizable and versatile!

        Designer: Highland Hickory Designs

        Yarn: I Love This Yarn

        Click here to see the Americana Pillows pattern

        15. Stars and Stripes Sparkle Mandala

        Blue star crocheted in the center of a metal ring covered in red, white and blue crochet stitches as part of the patriotic crochet pattern round-up

        Mandalas make great decorations and this one looks pretty with the red, white and blue yarn and beads that sparkle in the sunshine. It’s a unique patriotic wall hanging that uses a metal ring and simple crochet stitches.

        Yarn: Sinfonia by Omega

        Designer: Yours truly, Jennifer Ryan (Celtic Knot Crochet)

        Click here to see this patriotic crochet pattern

        15 Patriotic Crochet Patterns!

        So, there you have a round-up of 15 Patriotic Crochet Patterns! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below – I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I love the little hearts, the bunting garland and the cute patriotic buddy. I have many fond memories of celebrating the 4th of July at my grandfather’s house complete with an Independence Day parade, yummy barbecue, fireworks and all kinds of red, white and blue decorations. So, whenever I see patriotic decorations it reminds me of those special times and they make me smile.

        Thank you for stopping by and checking out this round-up – If you would like to see other Round-Up lists, click here!

        Happy crocheting!


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