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Crochet Guild of America – Chain Link Conference

After 2 years of hosting an on-line conference with crochet classes and various events, the Crochet Guild of America is having an in-person conference in New Orleans this July – YAY!

This is the largest all crochet event in the country and I am excited to be teaching 6 classes there!

Here is a list of my classes (scroll down to read a short description about each):

Click on image above to see more details about all the classes – days, times, cost, supplies needed, etc.

The Chain Link Conference is a great place to meet new people, learn new skills and shop for beautiful yarns. There are many events throughout the conference – click here to read more about it and register for classes here!

Class Descriptions:

101 Teaching Tips

Do you desire to share your crochet skills with others but do not know where to begin?  Are you an instructor of crochet but need some new ideas? Or are you struggling to gain enough interest in your crochet classes? Then this is the class for you! You will learn invaluable and practical tips from a creative and experienced instructor (of all ages and in a variety of subjects).  Topics will include classroom selection, advertising, keeping costs down and profits up, working with a variety of age groups and creating theme ideas.  Handouts of all topics covered will be provided including several “bonus tips”.

Register for 101 Teaching Tips here

Jewelry Techniques for Crocheters

Crocheted jewelry makes for great gifts and quick accessories but sometimes the finishing touches leave us stumped because we have no jewelry making skills. In this class you will learn all the basics you need to complete your crocheted jewelry projects from which findings to buy and why to how to use beads and pliers. We will complete 2 beautiful projects (necklace and bracelet) that you can wear and show-off all weekend!  You will also learn how to take the wide variety of jewelry supplies available and add crochet to them for unique and quick projects.  Patterns with step-by-step instructions and a list of jewelry making tips will be provided.

Register for Jewelry Techniques for Crocheters here

Reclaim It with Crochet!

Open your eyes to the world of combining crochet with recycling. Yes, there will be ideas of how to use “plarn” (yarn made from plastic bags) in new ways but also so much more!  You’ll never look at your recyclables or product packaging the same way again. You’ll see how to transform a wide variety of common household items (that would normally be discarded) into beautiful crochet projects that can be given as gifts, help you stay organized or add fun and whimsy to your home décor.  You’ll learn which yarn works best for each type of project and how to make it look like it’s brand new! You’ll walk out of class with 2-3 projects and a comprehensive handout filled with ideas, inspiration, tips and some patterns.

Register for Reclaim It with Crochet here

Intro to Celtic Knot Crochet

Learn how to make your own unique Celtic Knot crocheted project with techniques used in the award winning Celtic Knot garments by Jennifer Ryan.  Students will make a Celtic Knot project (see photo) that can be appliqued on a variety of projects or worn as a pin.  First we will practice in a larger form to learn how to weave the knot.  Then we will use simple stitches and diagrams to achieve great results with several easy variations.  Students will take home handouts of the project pattern and step-by-step instructions and tips to weave Celtic knots.  A wide variety of Celtic Knot projects and photos will be on hand for inspiration, instruction and ideas.

Register for Intro to Celtic Knot Crochet here

Celtic Knot Crochet II

Learn more techniques for combining decorative knots with your crochet projects and try your hand at weaving more intricate knots.   See a variety of completed Celtic Knot projects for inspiration.  Students will make a square motif with a beautiful Celtic Knot at its center that can be used to make a bag embellishment, journal cover or throw.  Students will receive handouts complete with tips, techniques, motif pattern and knot diagrams.

Register for Celtic Knot Crochet II here

The Finishing Touches

Come learn tips and tricks for the variety of steps you need to do after all the crocheting is done! Topics we’ll cover and practice in class:  Weaving in ends, Steam Blocking, Wet Blocking, Stiffening, Washing and Drying, Hanging & Displaying, Gifting and Presentation. Each topic will include a list of products, gadgets and/or tools to help you do it best and quickest along with a detailed handout full of info.

Register for The Finishing Touches here

Past Conference Photos!

We always have a great time at the conferences – check out these blog posts from our last in-person conference to get a feel of what is it like:

Hope to see you there – I would love to crochet with you!

Please email me if you have any questions ([email protected]) – I am happy to answer your questions about the conference or the classes I am teaching.

Happy crocheting!


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