Celtic Necklaces

Round-up of Celtic Necklaces

If you visited my blog before, then you know I love to crochet jewelry – especially necklaces!

I love how they are quick and use a small amount of supplies.

There have been many times that I have created a brand new necklace design to wear later that same day for a special event or occasion!

Read on below to see a variety of Celtic-inspired necklaces that use mostly simple stitches and very basic jewelry techniques. Many come with step-by-step photo tutorials and color-coded diagrams to help you be successful.

Just click on the images or the names of the designs to purchase each pattern.

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Shannon Necklace

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Publishing

This necklace is crocheted with Size 3 cotton crochet thread and very simple stitches. A variety of faceted beads are also added in amongst the stitches for an interesting effect.

Click here to purchase this pattern.

Galway Necklace

The Galway Necklace is named after the beautiful Irish city. Of course, Irish-inspired projects look great in green but you can make this in any color you like. Just 3 teardrop beads add a little sparkle very easily.

Click here to purchase this pattern.

Celtic Motherhood Necklace

This is the Celtic Motherhood Necklace which features 2 intertwining hearts to symbolize the connection between a mother and child. You may like to create this one all in one color or in 4 colors like shown in the photo above so the 2 hearts contrast with each other.

Click here to purchase this pattern.

Knot Necklace

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Publishing

The Knot Necklace is a fun boho-style piece of Celtic jewelry that incorporates a silky tassel and large turquoise bead.

Click here to purchase the Crochet World issue that contains this pattern.

Roses and Shamrock Necklace

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Publishing

The Roses and Shamrock Necklace becomes the focal point of your outfit with the eye-catching Irish roses and lacy shamrock.

Click here to purchase the magazine issue that this pattern is in

Easy Celtic Heart Knot Necklace

The Easy Celtic Knot Heart Necklace is crocheted with Size 10 cotton crochet thread and comes with a video tutorial showing you how to weave the Celtic Knot. This pattern is also FREE! 🙂

Find the pattern here.

Celtic Princess Necklace

This is the Celtic Princess Necklace. This necklace also uses very simple stitches. A few faceted gems added to the crochet stitches give a pretty sparkle.

Click here to purchase this pattern.

Celtic Necklace

Photo courtesy of Interweave

The Celtic Necklace features 2 thin cords in contrasting colors. Using the 2 colors accentuates the over and under path of the decorative knot and makes for a unique piece of jewelry.

Click here to purchase this pattern.

Celtic Christmas Necklace

The Celtic Christmas Necklace is crocheted with Size 10 metallic crochet thread in red and green. Of course, you can make this project in non-Christmas colors and wear it any time of the year!

Click here to purchase this necklace pattern.

So, there you have a list of my Celtic-inspired necklaces – Which one is your favorite?

You can find a list of all of my Celtic projects here.

And you can find all of my FREE crochet patterns here.

Thank you for visiting -Happy crocheting!


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30 thoughts on “Celtic Necklaces

  1. These are just beautiful! I really want to try the Celtic Heart Knot in 20 thread. I bet it would turn out fabulous!
    Tammy in Georgia, USA

  2. I fell in love with this the moment I saw the Celtic knot! Just beautiful! The purple necklace that was with the FB live today.

  3. I enjoyed your presentation of the Shannon Necklace! I am looking to find ways to incorporate our Scottish heritage into my son’s wedding next year. This would be a wonderful gift for him to give to the bridesmaids. I also see other designs that would be perfect! Thank you for sharing ❤️

    1. You are welcome! I love your idea to have the bridesmaids wear Celtic necklaces – I think that will help make the day very special. 🙂

  4. Hello,

    Throughly enjoyed the live on the Celtic knot necklace. I do have some yarn that is similar from Scheepjes called Sugar Rush and would love to attempt your gorgeous necklace. Have saved the video to rewatch again later. I don’t live in the USA but in Australia.
    Thank you for an inspiring live tutorial.
    Brisbane Australia
    Facebook Giovanna DM 💗

  5. Thanks for the Facebook Live info on making the Shannon Necklace. I’d love to make it in a bright blue like the one you had in your video.

  6. I love the Celtic Motherhood pattern the best – I noticed it right away in the video, and wondered what you were wearing!!

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