Crochet Heart Patterns

Crochet Heart patterns shown all together in a collage as decorations, bookmarks, jewelry items and accessories

Crochet Heart Patterns

Some of my most favorite designs have been crochet heart patterns. I first started designing crochet projects for publication in 2012 – I can’t believe that was over 10 years ago! I have really enjoyed the creative outlet it provides.  Over the 10+ years of designing I have made several of these heart-themed projects and I thought it would be fun to share a list with you since Valentine’s Day is coming up. And designing heart patterns never gets old because there are so many ways to crochet hearts.

4 Categories of Crochet Heart Patterns

Along with many ways to crochet hearts comes the ability to take the heart-shape and add it to almost any type of project. So, I’ve grouped this list into 4 different categories so it’s quick to pick out what you are looking for. You’ll see crochet heart patterns that are: “Small and Quick”, perfect for “Home Decor”, can be worn as “Jewelry and Other Accessories” and made into “Cute Animals”.

Info About Each of the Crochet Heart Patterns

With each of these crochet heart patterns you’ll read some info and see a photo of the project. Just click on the photo or name of the project  to be taken to the pattern – ALL are available on-line either as a FREE blog post or an instant digital download so you can get started on making one today!

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Small and Quick Crochet Heart Patterns

A red lacy crocheted heart shown on corner of a book and used as a bookmark
Photo courtesy of Annie’s

Love to Read Bookmark

This lacy heart works up quickly with Size 10 cotton crochet thread.  It is actually 2 heart motifs joined together to create a little pocket that slips over the corner of a book – perfect gift for anyone you know who loves to read! This is a practical and pretty crochet heart pattern.

Celtic Knot Heart made with red and white yarn and hanging on a black bag as part of this crochet heart patterns round-up

Celtic Knot Heart

With basic stitches and a small amount of Size 3 yarn you can create this unique crochet heart pattern– This is a FREE pattern and includes a video tutorial showing you how to weave the Celtic Knot using the included diagram.

Crocheted flower with a red heart in the center held in a hand in front of a white wooden background

Easy Heart Flower

This is one of my newest designs here on the blog even though I first put it together years ago!  In just 4 rounds you can complete this crochet heart pattern and it’s made even easier by watching the video tutorial that comes with it.

Small lacy crocheted hearts made in white, pink and light green shown on sticks and laying on a gray wooden background
Photo courtesy of Interweave

Cake Toppers and Guest Lapel Hearts

These crochet heart projects were created for a special wedding pattern bundle but can be used for a variety of occasions and gifts. The hearts are made with lacy stitches and Size 3 cotton crochet thread.  When you purchase the pattern, you’ll get a bunch of flower patterns with it.

Home Décor Crochet Heart Patterns

Red Celtic Knot Heart crocheted with red yarn and hanging on a tan background

Celtic Heart Wall Art

I have a couple of these heart projects hanging up in my house all year round.  I love how the knot looks more complicated than it really is.  But if you do get confused, no need to worry because I include 2 step-by-step video tutorials that are only available for those who purchase the pattern.

7 crocheted hearts made in white and red - red hearts are Celtic Knot Hearts - all strung together into a garland on a white wooden background

Celtic Heart Garland

Don’t you just love red and white together?

These crochet heart patterns are created from 2 FREE patterns you can find on this blog with some beads thrown in! You can see 2 versions of this garland and a list of all the supplies you need on this page here.

Another crochet heart pattern made with red and silver yarn and woven into a heart-shaped basket

Woven Heart Basket

Baskets full of treats and goodies are always fun to receive (and give) on holidays. Now you can use this crochet heart pattern to create a unique container for your gift for that special someone.  Good news – the entire project uses the same stitch and the weaving is much easier than it looks.

Blue and white crocheted blanket with a large blue heart in the center as part of this crochet heart patterns round-up
Photo courtesy of I Like Crochet

Heart Warming Blanket

This blanket is a clever version of the traditional granny square.  By using color changes in certain areas you can create the heart shape inside a square. I crocheted this super soft blanket with thick blanket yarn and a large hook.

Jewelry and Other Accessories of Crochet Heart Patterns

Celtic Heart woven and appliqued onto a blue simple wristlet bag

Celtic Heart Wristlet

This cute wristlet is crocheted with Size 3 cotton crochet thread and simple stitches.  This Celtic Knot is easy to weave especially with the diagram that’s included. It’s the perfect little bag for all your essentials.

Light green and coral hearts intertwined  made into a necklace as part of the crochet heart patterns round-up

Celtic Motherhood Necklace

This necklace features a decorative knot of 2 intertwining hearts symbolizing the special connection a mother has with her child.  This project is crocheted with embroidery thread and basic stitches – easy but so elegant and eye-catching! This is one of my favorite crochet heart patterns.

Red crocheted celtic heart necklace on a tan woven background

Easy Heart Necklace

Have you ever crocheted jewelry before? If not, then this necklace is the perfect first project for you! It uses all beginner stitches and comes with a step-by-step knot weaving video tutorial.

Celtic Knot heart made in hot pink with a light pink scallop edging on a lacy white bun cover

Celtic Heart Bun Cover

The Celtic Knot Heart is transformed into a lacy bun cover and would make a good gift for a little girl who loves ballet. This crochet heart pattern uses simple stitches and a small amount of Size 3 cotton crochet thread.

Cute Animals That Use Crochet Heart Patterns

A small brown crocheted bear with heart on chest and a small crocheted hedgehog in a girls' hands
Photo courtesy of I Like Crochet

The Beary Cute Cord Buddy and Mr. Hedgehug

Each of these little stuffies is holding a heart that adds to their cuteness! The bear is a fun companion that helps you keep your cord organized and Mr. Hedgehug is so soft you’ll want to give him a hug.

All use simple stitches and basic amigurimi techniques.

A stuffed crocheted red ladybug with lilac appliqued hearts and a light brown teddy bear with a granny square heart on chest sitting on top of books

Love You Teddy and Lady Lovebug

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? This teddy wears his heart on his chest and will be an irresistable gift for a child. This crochet heart pattern is crocheted in a granny square style. The Love You Teddy pattern is found inside the Feb. 2016 issue of Crochet World which you can purchase as an instant digital download here.

The Lady Lovebug has a lot of personality and her dots are all mini-hearts! She can sit up on a desk or lay on her belly on your pillow. This pattern is found inside the Oct. 2013 issue of Crochet World which you can purchase as an instant digital download here.

17 Crochet Heart Patterns Total!

So, there you have 17 crochet heart patterns! I hope you enjoyed looking over this list and found at least one project you would like to make. (Don’t forget to add the image below to your Pinterest boards so you remember where you found this round-up)

Remember you can find all of my FREE patterns on this page here and all of my Celtic Knot patterns on this page here.

Thank you for stopping by – Happy crocheting!


Long pinterest image of various crochet heart patterns and text about the patterns

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  1. I would love to make the ‘Love to Read’ Bookmark. This is my favorite, I would love to make one for myself and my 2 daughters. Thank you for the giveaway, I’d love to win.

    1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Unfortunately, the giveaway has ended but there will be another one like it later this month on Friday Feb. 25th 🙂 If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a reminder about the next Live event and giveaway.

  2. The Love to Read Bookmark is my favorite, but both of the heart necklaces come in at close seconds. Such pretty work!

  3. So thankful my mom taught me how to crochet. Now every time I pick up my needle I feel a part of her with me! Thank u for sharing ur passion!

  4. AAAWWW, I love the cute little Mr. Hedgehog. I love them all. Your designs are so beautiful. I want to make the heart bookmark.

  5. The book mark is my favorite, but I will have to try the necklace you wore in the tutorial too!

    Good luck in the storm. Here in central Maine we are expecting 12”-18” of snow. Stay warm!

    1. Glad to hear you like the bookmark and the necklace. The necklace is very simple. The storm was okay by us – we didn’t get as much as they predicted. Hope you did okay in the storm. 🙂

  6. It’s so hard to choose just one project as a favorite! They’re all so beautiful! I would have to say the Celtic Heart Wall Decor is wonderful to the eyes and it draws you in.

  7. All are such beautiful projects! I absolutely love the Celtic Heart Wall Art! How pretty it would look on a door to welcome people during the month of February! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  8. I love your beautiful work. Hearts are my favorite and I adore the Love to Read Bookmark! I’d love to win the pattern so I can make lots to share with my friends and loved ones. Thank you.

  9. I love the hearts beautiful.. I did 100 Snowflakes for Christmas last year for the elderly people, put them in Christmas cards saying Snowflakes from Heaven.. I try to do something every year for Evergreen knoll, to cheer the people up, and brighten up their season… I am always looking for free patterns to help keep my cost down so I may continue to give them gifts…

    1. That’s wonderful! So glad you gift your crochet projects and use them to brighten other peoples’ days. Happy crocheting and giving! 🙂

  10. I can’t choose between the Celtic Heart ‘wall art or the Easy Heart Necklace. Of course the Motherhood necklace would make great Mother’s Day gifts/

  11. I went back and looked in my copies of Crochet World for this pattern. Now I can’t wait to start one. I am going to make for my grandkids . I know they will love them.

  12. Oh my goodness!! I need to make the Love to Read Bookmark for my mom and daughter. We are all avid readers and this will be a great Valentine’s gift, The Love You Teddy is adorable too.

  13. I love the heart with the celtic knot inside. But I am very excited to try making the heart bookmark (watching your FB video now)

  14. Thank you for sharing the Heart Bookmark ‘how to video’ on Facebook live. I am a knitter but would like to learn crochet projects like this. You are a very good teacher! Is this where I enter to win a copy of this design?

    1. Thank you for your kind words! You are welcome for the tutorial and yes! You just entered the giveaway 🙂

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