Celtic Heart Garland

The Celtic Heart Garland with white crocheted hearts and red Celtic Knot Hearts strung in a garland laying on a white wooden background

Celtic Heart Garland

I have another FREE and NEW pattern for you – the Celtic Heart Garland!

If you’ve visited my blog before you may have noticed that I LOVE garlands!

I think they are fun to create and see hanging up in your home – they add color, interest and whimsy to any decor!

Celtic Heart Garland hung on a tan wall and made with red, hot pink and white yarn and same color wooden beads

This garland is a combination of 2 FREE previously posted patterns on this blog – the Heartfelt Prayer Square and the Celtic Knot Heart (click on the names of each to see those posts and patterns).

Each heart works up quickly and I LOVE how they look when put together in this garland project.

Read on below to see how to make your own – There are even several video tutorials to help you with many steps along the way!

Let’s get started!

Skill Level: Easy

Piles of crocheted hearts in white and red - red hearts are Celtic Knot Hearts - on a brown wooden background


Each heart is about 3″ x 3″ – The total length of the garland depends on how closely you place the hearts to each other – My two versions (see photos below) are about 32″ and 42″ long

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Supplies for the Celtic Heart Garland - red and white yarn, crochet hook, scissors and beads


Just click on the name of the supply to purchase

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Red Heart Super Saver Metallic in Red (1 skein)

Red Heart Super Saver White

F/3.75mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Knot Weaving Supplies (Explained on blog post for Celtic Knot Heart here)

Various beads (I used a combination of wooden, plastic and metal beads for my garlands)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Close up of Celtic Heart Garland on a white wooden background


3 white hearts and 4 celtic hearts are crocheted and then either joined together with beads or glued to a long chain length with beads strung on in between

For my red, pink and white (longer) garland I used some sparkly yarn from my stash that is no longer available but since this project uses a very small amount of yarn, perhaps you have some yarn in your stash that you’ve been saving for a special project like this!

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Red Celtic Hearts and White crocheted hearts laying on a white wooden background


White Heart – Make 3:

With White yarn follow pattern listed on this blog post (for the Heartfelt Prayer Square) here

(You’ll see there is also a video tutorial there including how to crochet this heart)

Red Celtic Heart – Make 4:

With Red Metallic yarn follow pattern listed on this blog post (for the Celtic Knot Heart) here

(You’ll see there is also a video tutorial there showing you how to weave the Celtic Knot)

For my red and white garland I chose to not add the sl st edgng to the Celtic Knot Hearts

For my other garland (red, pink and white) I added the sl st edging with a sparkly variegated yarn – it gives it a neat effect

Finishing and Assembly:

I used two different methods of assembly for my garlands

Showing how to join the hearts into the Celtic Heart Garland

For the red and white garland I found some large round metal beads (about an inch in diameter) and thread them on about 6″ lengths of yarn

I laid the completed hearts out on my work surface and then turned them over so they were Right Side down

Then I sewed each bead between the hearts using the yarn ends and my tapestry needle making sure to knot the ends well and weave in the ends

For the ends of the garland I added beads as well but used a longer yarn length so the garland can be easily hung

Close up of White and red hearts on the garland

For the red, white and pink garland I first chained a long length (approximately 60″) with the matching red yarn

Then I glued one white heart onto the center of the chain (using a hot glue gun)

I worked out from the center on the left and right by repeating this pattern: tying a knot in the chain, adding 3 beads, tying another knot and then gluing on another heart

Celtic Heart Garland laying on a white wooden background in a circle shape with text, "I Love Garlands" in the center

Tada! Your Celtic Heart Garland is complete!

How did yours turn out? I LOVE how mine turned out and I am enjoying having them up in our home.

Remember, you can find all of my FREE patterns here and all of my Celtic patterns here.

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Happy crocheting!


Long pinterest image of entire red and white heart garland and close up image of Celtic Knot Hearts

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