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Welcome to Celtic Knot Crochet! Are you here for the Annie’s Facebook Live Yarn Giveaway? So glad you popped over for a visit! Enjoy reading my reasons for loving the wonderful Sinfonia yarn by Omega (which you can purchase here) and this list below of my crochet designs that use it – Please leave a comment below (by July 26th) telling us which one is your favorite to enter the giveaway!

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Why I Love Sinfonia

Sinfonia has been one of my favorite yarns for a while for so many reasons. First, it comes in a wide variety of colors that can be paired with each other to make so many great combinations. Second, it is soft and easy to crochet with – rarely splitting. Third, I LOVE how it gives great stitch definition. I use it for many of my Celtic Knot designs and I love how it helps all the woven cords and lines look crisp and neat. Fourth, it is a Size 3 so works well for all seasons. And fifth, it is made of cotton so great to wear and block. 🙂

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Crochet Projects Using Sinfonia

1. Wild Rose Bag

This bag uses a double-strand of a beautiful green for the base and then 6 flower motifs are joined together to create a pretty decorative border along the top. You’ll love all the texture from the stitches in the lower rounds to the three dimensional petals in the motifs.

Buy pattern here (inside June 2016 issue of Crochet World)

2. Crystal Crochet Mandala

A simple and textured mandala fills a metal ring with faceted beads at the points and as decorations below. So many color and bead possibilities! This pattern is FREE on this blog here and comes with a step-by-step video tutorial on our Youtube channel here.

3. Celtic Knot Driftwood Decoration

This unique wall hanging uses basic stitches and an outdoor found object to create an eye-catching decoration for your home. The Celtic Knot looks more difficult than it is but don’t worry – there is a step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to weave the knot so that you can be successful and your project can turn out great!

Buy the pattern here in our Etsy shop.

4. Mr. N. Courage Mint

This cute little guy works up fast and is a the perfect thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one who needs a little pick-me-up and “encouragement”. This pattern is FREE here on this blog and comes with a free printable of uplifting messages (in our Resource Library) that make gifting a snap. It is an easy pattern but also comes with a complete video tutorial as well that you can see here.

5. Celtic Heart Wall Art

One of our most popular patterns, the Celtic Heart Wall Art is a fun project to crochet and weave. The Celtic Knot is very simple and the entire project uses basic stitches. Do you LOVE this project but not sure you have what it takes to make it? Don’t worry – those that purchase the pattern get access to 2 FREE video tutorials showing you all the steps so your wall art can turn out beautiful.

Buy pattern here in our Etsy shop

6. Eva Folk Jumper

I was inspired by Russian Folk Costumes when I designed this cute little girl’s dress. I love how the bright yellow and orange contrast with the dark red and black. The motifs are fun to crochet and add to the basic dress shape.

You can purchase the pattern here (inside Crochet! magazine’s Spring 2016 issue)

7. Colorida Wall Hanging

I created a hammock blanket a few summers ago with a large scallop edging (you can see that free pattern here) and loved the edging so much that I wanted to create a simple wall hanging featuring it. This project was extra special for me because I taught my daughters how to make it and you can see that fun in a video here. This pattern is FREE on this blog here and includes a stitch-by-stitch video tutorial here.

8. Petaled Pumpkin Centerpiece

Can you tell that I love to include flower shapes in many of my crochet designs? This pumpkin design uses several simple flower shapes with pretty matching buttons glued to a styrofoam form – it’s lightweight and colorful making for a joyful fall decoration.

You can purchase this pattern here (inside the Oct. 2015 issue of Crochet World)

9. Trinity Knot Christmas Tree

The Trinity Knot is one of the most famous Celtic Knots and I thought it would make a great focal point for a lacy Christmas tree decoration. This pattern is really 2 patterns in 1 because the Trinity Knot can be hung on its own or edged with tall stitches to created the Christmas tree triangle around it.

You can purchase this pattern here in our Etsy shop

Thank you for visiting and checking out this list.

Which project do you like the most? Which one would you like to make?

Let me know in the comments below.

Remember you can see all of my FREE patterns here and purchase other patterns in my Etsy shop here.

Happy crocheting!


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42 thoughts on “Crochet Projects with Cotton yarn – Sinfonia!

  1. I would love to have a chance to try Sinfonia yarn. I’d probably try it on this Wild Rose Bag if I were able to receive it as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I love the mandala, probably because I love blue. The bag is what got me here looking at this. Thanks, Jennifer!

  3. I love the Wild Rose Bag, but I want to play around with the Celtic Knot designs. So I’d probably do the Trinity Knot first. Thanks.

  4. I love the bag design. It’s definitely going on my todo list. I’d also like to try the yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever used it before.

  5. Being part Welsh, I love the Red Celtic knot heart! The intricacy and the colour just grab my attention!

  6. I think that the handbag is just beautiful. It’s very versatile, being elegant and casual at the same time. I checked out the colors of sinfonia and I can see in how many beautiful colors this handbag can be made. I have never used Sinfonia but I have always been curious to try it out. I love cotton yarn and working with cotton yarn.

  7. Can’t wait to try this yarn, happy to hear you wear it all year round, the weight seem perfect. Love the wild rose bag. My 16 year old daughter took to crochet last summer and started her own business making crochet hobo tops. Really took off. So happy to pass down the skills I know to her and thank you for sharing your skills.

  8. Than you for the Wild Rose Bag turorial. The bag is very pretty, and I look forward to making it. The mandala you crocheted with Sinfonia yarn is lovely.

  9. I love cotton yarn 🧶
    I’m so happy I’ve found you. I’m looking forward to following for a long time. 💕
    Thank you for taking the time to teach me more about crochet. I’m fairly new to crocheting🥰

  10. The Celtic Heart Wall Art is just lovely. I don’t generally like to buy yarn online without having seen it in-store first, especially cotton yarn. Some just aren’t soft or tend to split.

    1. I agree – I prefer buying yarn I can see in person and touch. This cotton yarn won’t disappoint – rarely splits 🙂

  11. I like the petle pumpkin center piece it is so cute and I love pumpkins I love fall themes. It is very beautiful.

  12. I would love, love, love to win this yarn and magazine to make that beautiful bag! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly be a winner!! ♥️

  13. I would love to win this gorgeous yarn in any color as they are all brilliant!! Love watching and learning.
    Ty so much
    Love, katte teasdale

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