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Have you heard of “Prayer Squares“? For several years I had heard about Prayer Shawls and thought it was a wonderful way to show love and compassion to someone who is going through a rough time.

Crocheters and knitters spend their free time working on special shawls (often in groups that meet regularly) so they are always ready to give a shawl to someone who is sick, going through chemotherapy, mourning a loved one or feeling alone.

I considered making shawls but then quickly realized that my busy stay-at-home-mom life and homeschooling prevented me from having the time needed to crochet shawls for those that I wanted to give a “crocheted hug”. Then I heard about “Prayer Squares” – it was the perfect solution for me and I have given out many since.

Prayer Squares are like mini-Prayer Shawls. They can be made quickly and sent easily. They are portable and fit into small spaces. I did some research on-line and found that they can be given for a variety of reasons – to help you remember to pray, to remind someone that you are praying for them and/or to assure someone that you care about them and are thinking of them.

I like to give them to those that are mourning the loss of a loved one. I usually include a short saying or card explaining that this is a “prayer square” made especially for them to remind them that I am praying for them and sending along a hug.

I will be sharing a variety of Prayer Square patterns over the next several months here on the blog since I have come up with many versions over the years of handing them out.

This version, the Heartfelt Prayer Square, uses a simple stitch and an applique heart or a message charm (as you see in the photo above). I found this charm at my local craft store. There are so many options to add words to your square.

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Don’t you just love the colors? Read on to see the yarn I used – so pretty!

Now there is a video tutorial for this project – scroll down to watch it!

Skill Level: Easy


Square = 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″; Heart = 2″ x 2″


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Small amount of acrylic medium weight yarn (1 skein will make many squares)

(I used a variety of colors of Red Heart’s Unforgettable – it is listed as a Medium weight yarn but is thinner than Red Heart Super Saver – I love how the color changes compliment the stitch pattern and add interest to such a small project. One skein can make several squares and it can be easily found on-line and in your local craft store or right here)

4 mm (G) crochet hook (Purchase the bamboo kind as shown above here)

Optional yarn for heart: Size 3 cotton crochet thread (1 skein) (Purchase white here)

Yarn needle

Optional: Charm from jewelry section of craft store or from an on-line store

(Here are some you can purchase here and here)

Printed out card with special saying – See FREE downloadable printable below (in our Resource Library)


First a square is crocheted and then the heart or charm is appliqued on the front

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Abbreviations and Special Stitches:

Back bar of the Chain = When looking at the right side of a chain, you see many “V’s” and the chain looks like a braid. Turn the chain over and you see a series of bumps – it is in these bumps that you will work across the chain to produce a cord with even edges along both sides

Click here to watch a short video tutorial on this technique

YO, sl st = YO, insert hk into st, YO, pull through all lps on hk

Back Loop Only = insert hk into the back loop of the stitch only

Click here to watch a short video tutorial on this technique

Adjustable ring = A technique when you work all the stitches listed into a ring of yarn that can be tightened to eliminate any gaps/holes

Click here to watch a short video tutorial on this technique

Sl st (slip stitch) = Insert hook into st, YO, pull through stitch and loop on hook

Sc (single crochet) = Insert hk into st, YO, draw up a lp, YO, pull through 2 lps on hk

Hdc (half double crochet) = YO, insert hook into st, YO, draw up a loop, YO, pull through all 3 loops on hook

Dc (double crochet) = YO, insert hook into st, YO, draw up a loop, (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice

Tr (treble crochet) = YO twice, insert hook into st, YO, draw up a loop, (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times

Ch = chain  

Sp = space

Hk = hook

Lp = loop

Sk = skip

**UPDATE: There is now a step-by-step video tutorial available for this project on our Youtube Channel!**



Ch 22

Row 1: Working in the back bar of the chain, (Yo, sl st) in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. Turn. (21 sts)

Row 2:  Ch 1, working in the back loop only, (YO, sl st) in each st across. Turn. (21 sts)

Repeat Row 2 until piece is a square (Approximately 21 rows total). Fasten off.

**Tip: Here’s how to check if it is a square: fold crocheted piece along diagonal; If edges meet, then piece is a square**


The white hearts shown in the photos here were crocheted with the 4mm hk and the Size 3 cotton crochet thread; You can also just crochet the hearts with the yarn you used for the square; if you start at a different spot on the skein you will be able to have a different color heart; I have several colors of the Unforgettable yarn and I enjoyed mixing and matching the colors with each other – Have fun experimenting! Sometimes you get great combinations when you combine what you already have 🙂

Round 1: In an adjustable ring work (ch 2, 3 tr, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc, 3 tr, ch 2, sl st).

Round 2:  Ch 3, sl st in top of 1st tr; (ch 3, sl st in next st) 5 times; ch 4, sk next ch-3 sp, sl st in next dc; (ch 3, sl st in next st) 5 times; ch 3, sl st in last sl st of Round 1.

Round 3:  Ch 1, 2 sc in next ch-3 sp; *[(sl st, 2 hdc, sl st) in next ch-3 sp] 5 times;*  (sl st, 3 dc, sl st) in next ch-4 sp (at bottom point of heart); Repeat * to *; 2 sc in last ch-3 sp, sl st to 1st sl st. Fasten off leaving a long tail for assembly.

Finishing and Assembly:

Blocking: I noticed that the corners tend to curl up with this stitch and steam blocking helps with this

Lay all squares and hearts flat on a towel

Set Iron to high heat setting and make sure full of water

Holding iron about 2-3inches above crocheted pieces, “blast” with steam from iron by pushing down on the ‘steam spray’ button – Pass over all pieces continuously while ‘blasting’ for about 5-10 seconds

Let pieces cool for a few seconds and then pull corners out and press down so not curling

Repeat ‘blasting’ if corners still curling

Let dry completely


Using yarn tails and yarn needle sew hearts and/or message charms to center of squares

Optional: Sew cotton fabric or felt to the back of square


Print out message cards and attach to square with ribbon (or yarn) making sure to sign card or add your own words

I’ve created a one page FREE printable that is ready to download in the Celtic Knot Resource Library here – Just print out on cardstock, cut around the shape you like and attach to square with yarn – easy peasy! 🙂

(You’ll find it in the section called, “Helpful Printables” – You’ll need a password to gain access to the library which is explained in detail here and given to all subscribers of our newsletter)

If you are sending your square to someone, it is helpful to include the message card so they know what the intent/purpose of the square is since you won’t be explaining it in person

As you can see this is a very quick project but can be just the thing someone needs to brighten their day or remind them that someone cares. And since it is beautiful and full of texture, they can use it as a decoration to see everyday or hold it in their hand for comfort.

I hope you enjoyed crocheting and giving this project – please send along a photo or tag me on Instagram (@celticknotcrochet) or use #celticknotcrochet – I would love to see your Prayer Squares!

Happy crocheting and caring!


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