Crochet Heart Basket

Crochet Heart Basket hanging from a white mantel - basket is made of 8 cords (4 red and 4 gray) laced together to create a lacy basket in the shape of a heart

Crochet Heart Basket

This Crochet Heart Basket is another project showing how I enjoy creating heart shapes with crochet. I thought this would be a fun Valentine’s Day project to use as a decoration or to fill with treats for that special someone! This is a FREE crochet pattern so read on to find out some more information and to get started on making one of these crochet heart baskets. 🙂

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Stitches and Supplies Used for the Crochet Heart Basket

This Crochet Heart Basket uses only single crochet and a small amount of yarn. You’ll also need a few craft supplies (listed below) and some crafting abilities. (Since putting all the pieces together takes some finesse I decided to rate this project “Intermediate” for crafting even though it is “Easy” for crochet.) You may like to have your basket just be a simple decoration (as shown above) or you can add felt or paper to the inside in the bottom woven section so that this basket can hold candy, treats or another small gift.

Skill Level:

Easy (crochet); Intermediate (crafting)


Each cord is approximately 14-15″ long

Complete heart basket = 8″ tall x 7″ wide (at widest point)

Close up of woven section of the crochet heart basket

Supplies for the Crochet Heart Basket:

Red Heart With Love Metallic – 1 skein each of Red and Light Gray (Any medium weight acrylic yarn would work)

(Unfortunately, this particular yarn is no longer manufactured but a very similar one is available: Red Heart Super Saver Metallic – this yarn comes in the same colors as the With Love yarn. I love the look of medium weight yarn with a matching metallic thread in them. Other yarn options would be Caron’s Party yarn and Joann’s Big Twist Metallic yarn)

H/5mm hook

10 feet of 20 gauge wire (5 feet of red, 5 feet of silver or gray) or 16 pipe cleaners (8 red, 8 gray/silver)

(Each pipe cleaner is usually around 12″ long so twist 2 together to create a longer piece about 15″ long – see photo below)


8 binder clips

Hot glue gun/glue sticks

1 yd of silver ribbon

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Special Stitches:

Back bar of the Chain = The Front Side of the chain looks like a braid or “V’s” stacked on top of each other; Turn chain over to see the Back Side and you will notice a ‘bump’ in the center of each chain– Insert your hook under this bump and complete the sc as usual

Instructions for the Crochet Heart Basket:

Cord – Make 4 in Red, 4 in Gray

Cut wire into 8 pieces each about 15″ long (if using pipe cleaners, twist together as mentioned above in Supply List)

With pliers bend over 1/4 – 1/2″ of one end of wire

Showing the 2 pipe cleaners joined together to make a longer piece

Ch 55

Working in the back bar of the chain (see Special Stitches), sc in 2nd ch from hk and in next ch;

Thread bent end of wire through completed single crochet stitches on wrong side; Hold in place with clip

Photo showing how to crochet over a pipe cleaner

Continue working in the back bar of each chain across while working around the wire. Fasten off. (54 sc)

Photo showing the Wrong Side of working over a pipe cleaner for the crochet heart basket

Cut off wire about 1/2″ from end of crocheted cord and bend end like starting end;

With glue gun glue both bent ends of wire to wrong side of cord and hold both ends together with clip

The 2 outside cords shown clamped together with binder clips

Finishing for the Crochet Heart Basket:

With yarn needle and matching yarn sew one side of red cord together for 10 scs – Repeat with one gray cord (see photo above)

Sew red cord over gray cord to create bottom point of heart (Labeled “First Cord” in photo below)

Showing how to starting weaving the first gray cord in between the 4 red cords for the crochet heart basket

Sew ends together for 2 of red cords and sew to gray cord as shown in photo

Sew remaining red cord along gray cord in between other 2 cords and over top of gray cord as shown in photo

Showing how to weave the 2nd gray cord

Weave gray cords in alternating manner (over, under, over) across red cords and sew ends to 1st red cord as shown in photo – Repeat weaving on the back for each cord

All 8 cords woven together to create heart shape

With matching yarn tie cords together to create heart shape at top

Close up of the top of the cords on one side gathered together with a ribbon

Trim off excess yarn and tie on silver ribbon for hanger and in bows

Optional: Glue a square of felt or paper inside heart on front and back behind woven section so smaller items can sit inside

PHoto of paper inserted into center to create a solid basket base for the crochet heart basket

Your Crochet Heart Basket is Complete!

And there you have it – your Crochet Heart Basket is complete and ready to hang or gift! Did you decide to fill yours with yummy treats? Who did you give it to? Leave a comment below about your process or send along a photo of your finished project- I love to see what you make! I think this project would look pretty in shades of pink or a deep fuchsia pink and white. How did you do with crocheting over the pieces of wire or pipe cleaner? It takes a little practice but has great results – it’s fun to be able to “mold” your crochet project into a shape you want.

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Long pinterest image of the completed crochet heart basket and the close up photo of the woven bottom section

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