Celtic Heart Valentine Projects

Collage of 3 celtic heart crochet projects - a red lacy celtic heart, a light blue wristlet with a pink celtic heart on the front and a red necklace of 2 intertwining hearts

Celtic Heart Projects

Here are 3 of my Celtic Heart Projects. Over the years I have designed several crochet projects using the heart shape – it’s one of my most favorite type of projects to design! Hearts are very easy to crochet and fun to incorporate in all sorts of projects.

The Classic Heart Shape – A Beautiful Symbol

The heart is a wonderful and universal symbol of love all over the world. You probably use it all throughout the year but just before February 14th it can be seen in great numbers across many stores, on social media and in all sorts of correspondence. I enjoy examining all of the different heart designs and taking note of how they could be transformed into a crochet project.

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So, here are some Celtic heart projects that add a touch of Ireland to this time of love and hearts.

Celtic Heart Wall ARt crocheted with 2 shades of red yarn and made into a Celtic Knot heart

Celtic Heart Wall Art

The Celtic Heart Wall Heart is an easy crochet pattern that uses basic stitches and Size 3 cotton yarn. The instructions for this Celtic Heart Project include photos, a diagram for weaving the Celtic Knot and several video tutorial links to help you be successful. You can purchase the pattern in our Etsy shop here.

Celtic Heart Project made with 2 shades of red thread - hearts are intertwined and beads are added to make necklace that is hanging on a tan necklace display

Celtic Motherhood Necklace

The Celtic Motherhood Necklace was originally created in 2 different colors to show how the two hearts are intertwined but by making both hearts in the same beautiful red color, it becomes a lovely Valentine’s Day accessory. I have made this Celtic Heart Project for several people and they say they always get many compliments on it when they wear it.

This pattern includes clear instructions and the diagram for weaving the knot along with directions on how to add the jewelry elements. Click here to purchase this pattern.

Celtic Heart Wristlet made out of light blue yarn and pink thread for the Celtic Knot heart appliqued on the center of small bag

Celtic Heart Wristlet

The Celtic Heart Wristlet is a fun and quick little Celtic heart project that can hold a few essentials on-the-go! This project is crocheted in Size 3 cotton crochet thread and requires some basic sewing skills (optional lining and zipper – although, you can use a different closure if you would like).

The Celtic Heart is crocheted with basic stitches and the wristlet uses a simple variation on the same basic stitch. The Knot diagram and photos are included in the instructions. You can purchase the pattern here in our Etsy shop.

Celtic Heart Projects Make Unique Gifts!

These Celtic heart projects make unique gifts and you can make them quickly before Valentine’s Day or at any time of the year! I love how you can use basic crochet stitches to create all kinds of Celtic Knot designs that look more complicated then they really are. Which Celtic Heart Project did you make? Let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear about it.

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Thank you for stopping by and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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