Amigurimi crochet – cute & quick

I have always loved mints (especially the Wintergreen flavor) because my grandfather carried some in his pocket every day and shared them with me. He and I were very close and spent a lot of time together when I was a young girl. “Mint Granddad” (that’s what we called him) was often quick to encourage me and let me know he was a fan of mine.

A couple of months ago I saw a sticker that correlated a mint to the word “encouragement” – I thought it was so cute and clever. I had never put those 2 things together before.

So, I started to design this little guy – “Mr. N. Courage Mint” – get it? (It helps to say his name out loud to get the full effect 🙂 ) He is a mint that brings you a message of enCOURAGEment.

I think it is important to encourage those around you because each one of us could use a pick-me-up every day. Encouragement gives us a boost and helps us to carry on.

Encouragement = the action of giving someone support, confidence or hope

Have you ever been having a bad day and then a friend comes along and says something that uplifts your spirit and gives you courage? Or maybe someone you respect tells you, “I’m proud of you.” Or when you are tired and want to give up and a loved one says, “Be brave. Don’t give up. You got this!”

With this amigurimi (the art of crocheting little creatures) crochet pattern you can give encouragement messages that brighten someone’s day with cuteness that makes them smile!

I had so much fun making these and photographing them! My daughter and I were giggling over how cute they turned out and how they could even hold hands. I hope you enjoy this project and have fun using it to bless others.

Skill Level: Easy

UPDATE: There is now a complete video tutorial available on my Youtube channel that takes you through each step of this project – hope you find it helpful!


3″ diameter (mint body)

Supplies – Click on green text to purchase:

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Yarn: Sinfonia by Omega (Size 3 yarn) – Red and White (1 skein each)

(Other colors shown in photos: Pink & Magenta)

Hook: F/3.75mm   

Small amount of black felt

2 safety eyes (6 mm)

Short length of wire (20 gauge) and pliers

Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Small amount of black yarn or thread for facial features

Small amount of polyester fiberfil

FREE Arm & Leg Template with Message Shapes to print-out – Download instantly in the Celtic Knot Crochet Resource Library here (Look in “Helpful Printables” section)

**Print out on white cardstock for best results**


Mark first st of each round with a stitch marker to keep track of stitches

Do not join end of rounds with a sl st

Mint shape is made of 2 crocheted circles that are joined around edge

Color changes are made during last YO of previous stitch

Colors are carried behind work

Arms and legs are cut out of felt and glued/sewn on before completing the joins

Facial features are also added before joins


Rounds 1-3 = 1″

(Gauge is not necessary for this project)

Special Stitches:

Hsc – inc (Hidden single crochet increase) = insert hook into next st under both loops as usual and work a sc; insert hook into back loop only of same st and complete another sc

Color Change at last yarn over (YO) = insert hook into next st, YO, draw up a lp – now 2 lps on hook; YO with new color and pull through 2 lps on hook; Now ready to start new color for next st

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These are fun to give around Valentine’s Day or any time of the year


Mint Body – Make 2:

Round 1: With White work 6 sc in an adjustable ring

**Watch video tutorial here of how to make an adjustable ring**

Round 2:  Work 2 sc in each st around using the Hsc-inc technique (see Special Stitches) for this round and Rounds 3-5 and all increases in white only (12 sc)

Round 3:  (2 sc in next st, sc in next st) around. (18 sc)

Round 4:  (2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 2 sts) around. (24 sc)

Round 5:  (2 sc in next st, sc in each of next 3 sts) around. (30 sc)

Round 6:  [With Red, sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, sc in next st (change to white with last YO – see Special Stitches); With White work 2 sc in next st (using Hsc-inc technique), sc in next st (change to red with last YO);] 6 times around up to last 6 stitches; With Red sc in each of the next 3 sts (change to White with last YO); With White sc in each of the next 3 sts (change to Red with last YO). (42 sc)

Round 7:  Using “last YO” color changing method, sc in each st around working red on red and white on white.

Round 8: Repeat Round 7. Fasten off.

Make Arms and Legs:

Using template cut out arms (4) and legs (2)

Using photo as a guide bend one end of wire length into a spiral and glue wire to arms  – See template for placement

Glue second set of arms on top of first set – now wire is enclosed and hidden inside felt

I couldn’t resist making a Mr. & Mrs. N Courage Mint couple – She has a hairbow and eyelashes, He has a bow tie


Using photo as a guide insert safety eyes into mint body

Add smile with yarn needle and black yarn/thread

Optional: Embroider eyelashes next to eyes

Using a whipstitch and matching yarn for each striped section, sew top half of body together (This would include 4 red stripes and 3 white stripes)

Stuff this half of body with fiberfil

Insert arms and make sure equal lengths

Continue sewing up sides of body below arms across 2 stripes on each side

Stuff bottom half of body

Glue on legs with hot glue (or fabric glue) to inside of back piece of body making sure they are equal lengths and hang correctly

Sew up center stripe between legs

Optional: Using matching sewing thread sew up all openings around arms and legs

Optional: Glue on small hairbow or bowtie or other fun embellishments

Another option: Make about 10-20 chains and join into a loop; Secure to back of mint so it can be hung

Cut out messages from the template file and insert into wire spiral

Give your “Mr. N. Courage Mint” to a loved one or friend who needs some “encouragement”. A momento of your love and care will give them a boost and brighten their day!

Here is an image for your Pinterest board so you don’t forget where you found this pattern! 🙂


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    1. Thank you! I used size F/3.75mm and a great cotton yarn, Sinfonia, in their deep red and white. Happy creating! 🙂

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