7 St. Patrick’s Day Projects from Favecrafts

Here at Celtic Knot Crochet we LOVE to do all kinds of crafts including (but not limited to): jewelry, clay, paper, mosaics, beads, coloring pages, cards, painting, sewing and paracord knotting. Do you like to do any of these crafts?

Well, did you know that there is a great website out there chock full of all kinds of crafting projects for every holiday and occasion there is? It is called Favecrafts and you can find it here: www.favecrafts.com.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is an important holiday in our house because we love all things Irish, have an Irish dancer who often performs all over our state during the month of March and even celebrate one of our daughter’s birthdays on March 17th, we are always looking for fresh ways to commemorate these happy times, decorate the house and have fun crafting.

So, I’ve looked over Favecrafts and picked out my favorite St. Patrick’s Day/Celtic-themed projects that I want to share with you here – there are 2 crochet projects in the mix and guess what? . . . .ALL are FREE!!

Scroll on down to see them and just click on the image or project title to be taken to more info about each craft and see the tutorial.

**Plus, there is a FREE instant Celtic Knot printable for you at the end of this post**

Green and Silver Beaded Necklace

This necklace is simple yet so pretty and clever. Each shamrock is created with 3 heart-shaped beads joined together using simple jewelry techniques.

I love the idea to use silver hearts for the shamrocks and a variety of emerald green beads around them.

Easy Shamrock T-shirt

This pretty T-shirt uses a similar idea as the necklace – 4 doily hearts create a 4-leaf clover with spray fabric paint. You could use just 3 doilies if you’d rather have the traditional shamrock shape. Cute!

Shamrock Bookmark

Here is a crochet project! Aren’t these little shamrocks so cute? They are simple enough for a beginner and take just 5-10 minutes to make. I think I’ll make one out of some pretty green yarn I have in my stash!

Macrame Paracord Celtic Cross

Of course, I LOVE Celtic Knots and have even made several paracord and silk cording knot projects so this Celtic Cross caught my eye. The design is unique and I think is simpler than it looks since the info says it takes less than an hour to make!

Have you ever tried knotting paracord? It comes in great colors and different thicknesses and is very affordable. You should try it!

Lucky Charm Necklace

I love this necklace! It is very easy to make with a few jewelry supplies and color printer. At first glance I thought it was a real pressed shamrock leaf – such simple beauty! Check out the tutorial to see how you can make one, too.

Rainbow Daze Washcloth

During the spring and summer I am always looking for a rainbow if the sun comes out while it is still raining. And if we see one, we all stop everything and run outside to enjoy it since they disappear so quickly.

I think this crocheted washcloth is adorable and cheery – perfect for when we’re thinking about leprachauns and a pot-o-gold or for any day when we need to smile. 🙂

Celtic Knot Coloring Page

We know that crochet helps you relax, unwind and de-stress. But did you know that coloring can do the same?

Our family enjoys coloring various coloring pages as a quiet and restful activity that we can do together. The photo above is one of our finished pages using a great Celtic Knot coloring page from Favecrafts.

With special permission from Favecrafts you can now download a FREE pdf copy of this page here!

“This is a really wonderful page because it’s detailed but not too advanced, either. It’s great for anyone looking for an activity in the evening without spending hours and hours coloring just one page. And it will be so pretty once you’ve colored it in!”

I hope you enjoyed looking through this list of St. Patrick’s Day-themed crafts – Which one are you going to try?

Thank you for visiting – Happy crafting! (and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!)


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