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A few weeks ago one of my friends posted a photo of her son ready for his first day of school and something he was wearing caught my eye. His required fabric mask was hanging from some kind of string around his neck. My friend said she bought a mask lanyard on Amazon to help her son not lose it (and to prevent it from falling on the floor) – clever!

A few days later I started teaching Russian and Drama with our homeschool group – we are so glad to be able to meet in person but there are many new guidelines we have to follow which include taking our masks on and off all day. I discovered that every time I needed to put my mask on to attend to students, I had to uncover it from a pile of papers and/or waste time trying to find it in my bag.

Then I remembered my friend’s son’s “necklace” and decided to make a crocheted version to help me out in the classroom. Of course, I added a few little flowers as an embellishment but you could add buttons, beads or small iron-on patches to make your Mask Necklace unique.

I think these would make great teacher gifts – and so quick to make!

Skill Level: Easy

Measurements: 22″ long

(I found this was a good length for mine but you can make any length you want – I also show you how to make an adjustable necklace in this video tutorial)

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I loved wearing my Mask Necklace this week – it was so freeing to not have to worry about where I put it and it was always ready to put back on. One of my daughters said that the flowers on the necklace ended up looking like earrings when I had the mask on – bonus!


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Size 3 cotton crochet thread and C/2/2.75mm hook


Sportweight yarn (Size 3) and F/3.75mm hook

(Some examples of yarn that would work: Sinfonia by Omega, Red Heart Soft, Simply Soft by Caron)

8 mm jump rings (2 per necklace)

Lanyard hooks (2 per necklace)

Yarn needle

Embellishments (crocheted flowers, buttons, beads, gems, sequins, iron-on patches)

Special Stitches:

YO-sl st (Yarn over-slip stitch) = YO, insert hook into st, YO, pull through stitch AND through 2 loops on hook

(With this stitch the ‘prettiest’ side is actually the wrong side or back side of the stitch)

PUFF St (Puff Stitch) = [YO, insert hook into st, YO, draw up a loop about 1/2″ long] 5 times; YO, pull through all 11 loops on hook



Put starting loop on hook and sl st to one jump ring

Ch 121

Sl st to other jump ring

Ch 1

Working in the back bar of the chain, work YO-sl st (see Special Stitches) in each chain across.

Sl st into 1st jump ring. Fasten off.

Flower – Make 2:

Round 1: Work 5 hdc in an adjustable ring; sl st to 1st hdc to close up circle

(If you would rather not do an adjustable ring, then do this for Round 1: Ch 2, 5 hdc in 2nd ch from hk; sl st to 1st hdc to close up circle)

Round 2: [Ch 2, PUFF stitch (see Special Stitches), ch 2, sl st in same st, sl st in next st] around ending with sl st in base of 1st ch-2. Fasten off leaving a long tail for assembly. (5 petals)


Using yarn tails and yarn needle sew flowers on to necklace cord about 2 inches up from each jump ring

Optional: Hot glue or sew on a small circle of felt on back side of flower to give a nice finishing look

Attach a lanyard hook to each jump ring

Tada! Your Mask Necklace is complete and ready to make someone’s day at school (or when they are out running errands) easier. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Easy Mask Necklace

  1. I’ve made several and appreciate the Christmas gift idea for my Physical Therapy and doctor office friends! I’ve been raiding my button box and instead of felt backers I’ve been crocheting small circles to sew behind the buttons.

    1. Wonderful! So glad to hear you are enjoying this project – I use mine all the time and it is so helpful. Thank you for visiting. Merry Christmas!

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