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A few weeks back I created a Mask Necklace pattern out of my necessity to always have my mask handy while teaching classes for our homeschool group. The necklace has been great! I love having my mask around my neck but not under my chin like a beard. The necklace is light weight and comfortable and makes “mask wearing” so much easier.

I realized not everyone wants to wear a “mask necklace” but they might still like to have a quick spot to put their mask so they don’t forget it or lose it (or drop it on the floor). So, I came up with the idea of making a clip that you can attach to your bag and easily put your mask on when it’s not in use.

Since Trick or Treat is here, I thought it would be fun to decorate these clips with simple monster characters – each one can be unique and full of personality depending on which facial features you choose! But, of course, these cute little monsters would be fun any time of year. Just looking at them makes me smile (I’ve always loved the Muppets) and when my teenage daughters saw all the monsters on the table they too smiled and reacted with many, “Awww. These are soooo cute!!”

Of course, this project can also be used to hold keys, a sanitizer holder, a chapstick holder or even a sunglass case.

Skill Level: Beginner

Measurements: 2 1/4″ x 3″


Size H/6/5mm hook

Any medium weight yarn – small amount from your stash

Yarn needle

Polyfil or padded envelope (small amount)

Fun texture yarns, ribbons, buttons, felt, googly eyes

Hot glue gun (and glue sticks) or fabric glue

Key ring, 15mm jump ring and a key clip (see photo in “Finishing”)

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Ch 8

Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across up to last ch.

Work 2 sc in last ch

Now rotate the project around (so the row you just completed is on the bottom) and work on the other side of the chain (arrows in photo below)

Sc in each ch across up to last ch

Work 2 sc in last ch

Fold in the wrong sides of these 2 rows to create an oval mini-bowl

Now you will work in rounds always having the Right Side facing

Sc in each st around – You should have 16 scs total

*You may find it helpful to use a stitch marker (saftey pin in the photo below) in the first sc to keep track of the rounds*

Continue working sc in each st around for a total of 8 rounds (including the very first rows)

Next fill the project with polyfil or a narrow length of a padded envelope (folded over several times)

Sc opening together by inserting hook through both thicknesses for each st

Fasten off. Leave a long tail if you plan to use it to sew on eyes or other features.

Now comes the fun part – giving your project some character and personality!

Numbers below match monsters shown in this collage

I went through my yarn and craft stash and pulled out anything that looked like it would be a fun addition to my little monsters. Here’s how I put together some of the details:


Single crochet one or two rows across the top with fur or lash yarn (1)

Hot glue on loopy yarn (3)

Cut short lengths of yarn and tie on like fringe (6)

Work 1-3 rows of twisted fringe across top (2)

(Check out this video here for a tutorial of how to make a fun twisted fringe in the Recycle Crochet Floor Pillow)


Glue on googly eyes of various shapes and numbers – it’s fun to experiment with the different sizes. It is neat how just the different sizes change the look

Cut circles of white and black felt – glue on; Experiment with pupil placement for different expressions (2)

(Safety eyes – I recommend these if this clip will be used by or around young children. Please note you will need to add these BEFORE you add the stuffing and close up the top)


Cut various shapes out of felt – use my photos for inspiration

(You can also add a mouth line with a contrasting color of yarn and a needle by stitching it on top)

Other features:

Cut shapes out of felt and glue on (hands, arms, feet, horns, heart, etc)

Pop-out eyes – Make 2: (Monster #5)

Ch 5

Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. Fasten off. Use yarn tail to sew to top of body

Glue on googly eyes to top


Thread jump ring onto key ring; Using yarn needle and matching yarn sew jump ring to top back of body

Shown here is a standard key ring attached to a 15mm heavy gauge jump ring and then a key clip on the other end

In the same manner sew key clip to bottom back of body

(Optional: Key clip strap: With coordinating yarn color ch 17

Sc in 2nd ch from hk and in each ch across. Fasten off.

Thread key clip onto one end and fold over end to create small loop.

Sew loop in place. Repeat on other end. Sew piece to back of body.)

Now your Monster Mask Clip is ready to use on your backpack, purse, jacket or totebag so your mask is handy and doesn’t get lost!

Thank you for visiting – Happy crocheting!


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2 thoughts on “Easy Mask Accessory

  1. These are cute. It’s true the mask will keep from getting dirt from the floor, etc. but what if someone sneezes? If it’s just hanging out, your mask will be so full of germs it won’t help to wear it. There must be a way to solve that dilemma.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment – I have worn my mask this way for the last 9 months and it has worked very well. I have not gotten sick at all the entire time. When the mask is hanging down I am distanced from others so a sneeze wouldn’t reach me. 🙂 When I am near others I put my mask back on. One option is to tuck the mask inside your shirt to further shield it from germs.

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