Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl

Have you crocheted with velvet yarn yet? . . .If not, you should definitely try it! I have several free patterns here on the blog using the velvet yarn (Mini-Puppy Rose, Easy Velvety Infinity Scarf and the Red Rose Pin) and am working on posting more. But let’s talk about today’s NEW pattern – the Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl. (Be sure to read all the way through to the bottom of this post for a fun extra pattern BONUS!)

Bernat’s Velvet Yarn

When I was in Joann’s a couple months ago I saw Bernat’s Velvet Yarn in – Burgundy Plum (shown in the photo above) and I immediately thought of a shawl that is in the movie, Frozen 2. Anna and Elsa wrap their mother’s special shawl around them throughout the movie as they think about her and wonder what to do next.

Burgundy Plum

Many of the colors in the Frozen movies are rich jewel tones like the colors of Bernat’s Velvet yarn. This Burgundy Plum looks rich and luxurious and it feels so soft around your shoulders! About a month ago all the girls in our family got together to watch Frozen 2 and I thought it would be fun for my little nieces (ages 1 and 4) to have this Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl to wear during the movie. What toddler wouldn’t want to match Anna or Elsa? 🙂

Works up in about 2 hours!

Of course, you can make yours in any color you would like but they key to the luxurious texture is the velvet yarn. I made mine while my family watched a movie and was happy with how quickly I could finish it. Read the instructions below for how to do the special stitch that looks best when the Right Side is always facing. And if you’re someone who does better with a demo, check out my tutorial video below.

Skill Level: Easy

Measurements: 30″ wide x 18″ long


Bernat Velvet Yarn – 1 skein – Color: Burgundy Plum

K/6.5mm crochet hook

My youngest niece loved wearing only the shawl!


Shawl is worked with Right Side facing at all times

Join with Hhdc2tog at the beginning of each row leaving a 6” yarn tail and fasten off at end of each row also leaving a 6” yarn tail

Snuggled in watching Frozen 2

Special Stitches and Abbreviations:

Hhdc (Herringbone half double crochet) = YO, insert hook into st indicated, YO, pull through stitch AND through first loop on hook; YO, pull through 2 loops on hook

Hhdc2tog (Herringbone half double crochet 2 together) = YO, insert hook into st indicated, YO, pull through stitch and through first loop on hook; YO, insert hook into NEXT st, YO, pull through stitch and through first loop on hook; YO, pull through all 3 loops on hook


Put slip knot on hook with a 6″ yarn tail; ch 70

Fasten off with a 6″ yarn tail

Row 1: With a 6″ yarn tail, join with Hhdc in 1st ch; Hhdc in each ch across. Do not turn. Fasten off with 6” yarn tail. (70 Hhdc)

**Mark this side with a stitch marker to remember which side is the Right Side**

Row 2: With Right Side still facing, join with Hhdc2tog and with a 6” yarn tail; Hhdc in each st across to last 2 sts; Hhdc2tog in last 2 sts; Do not turn. Fasten off with 6” yarn tail. (68 sts)

Rows 3-35: Repeat Row 2

Row 36: With Right Side still facing, join with Hhdc2tog in 2 sts in row. Fasten off with 6” yarn tail.


Tie last 2 pieces of fringe from Row 36 together in double knot

Lay shawl out extending all fringe

Using scissors trim all fringe to be the same length (approximately 4-6″)

And there you have it, your Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl is finished!

Check out this bonus below!

Here’s another idea for you! You can easily make the “Mini-Mini Shawl” in the same way except just Ch 31 to start the project. Follow all the steps for the “Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl” but you’ll see that it will be finished in no time! Now that precious toddler or preschooler you know will have a mini-mini shawl for their favorite stuffed friend or doll that matches their own!

How long did it take you? I hope it went quickly for you and you like the results. Check out the image below for you to save to your Pinterest boards.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting our blog!

Happy crocheting!


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4 thoughts on “Soft & Snuggly Mini-Shawl

  1. I made this and can only say that it is beautiful and I hope my 7 yr old Grand Daughter loves it. I was however hoping it would be larger than it is, I’d have liked for it to last her long into adult age. but I guess I’d have to add to the top. not sure how to do that without messing it up. it is beautiful though. thank you very much for sharing. I did this in an off-white and light brown marble Velvet Bernat.

    1. Hello! So glad you made this project for your granddaughter! It is for children so it purposely is smaller than an adult size. You can make an adult size easily by chaining for about 60″ at the beginning and then working the same pattern until you have one stitch left. If you wanted to add to the one you have already made, you could put 2 stitches in the first stitch of one row and then 2 stitches in the last stitch of the next row (since you don’t turn this project) and not do the decreases the pattern calls for. This would gradually make the shawl bigger one row at a time. Please email me if you have any more questions or to send me a photo – I would love to see your finished project! 🙂

  2. Jennifer, this is absolutely precious and so creative! Especially how you formed the fringe, it looks seamless, I love it! Thank you for sharing your gift and passion with us.

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