Easy Celtic Knot Heart Necklace

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Here is a simple and easy beginner crochet project for you! All you need to know how to do is the single crochet stitch and how to work into the back bar of the starting chain.

(If you aren’t sure how to do that, you can watch my video tutorial here)

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Where to Find this Pattern

I originally created this design for Crochet Today in 2014 and it is called, “Tie the Knot Necklace”. Crochet Today was a great magazine but stopped being published in 2014 making it difficult to find hard copies of it now. Thanks to the internet and the fact that 6 years have gone by, this pattern is now available for FREE here in digital form.

Since I can’t provide the pattern here on my blog (due to the contract I signed) I thought it would be helpful to provide some tips and a video tutorial on how to weave the knot and put the necklace together.

You will also need to stiffen the heart so it can hold its shape – Just watch this video here for help with that step!


  • Size 3 cotton crochet thread – I used Aunt Lydia’s Fashion 3 (pictured above)
  • Size 2.5mm steel crochet hook
  • Print-out of Knot Diagram – enlarge so heart measures 3″ across
  • 5″ x 5″ corkboard or foam core board
  • 20 straight sewing pins
  • Yarn needle
  • Fabric Stiffener (paintbrush & wax paper)
  • Necklace chain (with clasp) and 2 jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers


  1. Follow the directions in the pattern for how to crochet the cords that make up the knot
  2. If this is your first time working with crochet thread, practice with thicker yarn, a larger hook and an enlarged diagram
  3. Before weaving the knot it is best to lightly steam block the cords – Hold iron about 1-2 inches above cords pinned to a towel; Press steam button and hold iron in place for several seconds – Let cords dry – this prevents them from curling

Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how to weave the knot and finish the necklace – so quick and so simple!

I hope you enjoyed crocheting this necklace. Please send along a photo of your project when you are finished – I love seeing what you create from the blog!

Happy crocheting!


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  1. I am commenting. in response to the video you did for annies about the Celtics jewelry and specifically the Celtics knot necklace called Shannon! I love it!

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