Sing-a-long with Bonnie Barker

Bonnie and I love to make music and write parodies – new funny words to well-known songs. So, for this year’s conference we worked on a fun event together – the “Friday Night Sing-a-long”.

We had a great time singing songs and laughing with our lively audience – they were wonderful!

Bonnie played the guitar skillfully and two of my daughters sang along with us encouraging the audience to join in. You can see a video of one of the songs I wrote here:

There were many opportunities for the audience to participate and win several giveaways. Shown above we are singing out, “Miss MacDonald Had a Bag of F-I-B-E-R” written by Bonnie. She has a real gift for putting crochet lingo to popular songs. You can see a video of this song here:

We even played a fun game show -“The Hook is Right” – while my daughters had fun being the “Vanna Whites” of the game.

We ended the evening with Bonnie’s rendition of the Beatles’ “Let It Be” – A song about how we are worried everyone will notice our mistakes in our crochet projects but we need to just relax, let it be . . . “no one will ever notice, only me”.

Our Sing-a-long Team – Thank you to all for helping to make a success!
(Melinda Carroll (blue shirt) and Deb Seda-Testut (pink shirt) helped us with the planning – Thank you!)

Thank you to everyone who attended our event – It was a blessing to laugh together!


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