My Classes at CGOA Chain Link Conference

Checking students in to class

I have been teaching crochet locally for over 10 years but this year was my first time teaching at the conference – I loved it!

A big THANK YOU goes out to these companies who donated supplies that were great prizes and giveaways in all 4 classes: – Sinfonia yarn in lovely colors – Nazli Gelin 100% Egyptian cotton crochet thread – Beads and jewelry supplies – Wonderful Clover crochet hooks and high quality measuring tapes; Clover was very generous and sent enough for every person in all 4 of my classes (almost 100 students)!

Bunches of Textured Stitches – without using Post Stitches

In many of my crochet classes my students struggle with getting the hang of post stitches (working around the stem of a stitch and not into the top) and many textured stitches use them. So, I wanted to create a class that would help crocheters stitch textured stitches without needing to figure out how the Post Stitches work. The result is this class full of a variety of simple to challenging stitches that can be used in all sorts of projects.

Examples for textured stitches
This was my biggest class – over 35 eager crocheters!

Jewelry Techniques for Crocheters

I love to crochet jewelry but realize that this type of project combines crochet with another craft – jewelry making. By knowing some basics about jewelry findings and how to use them you can finish your crocheted jewelry pieces and finally wear them!

Some crocheted jewelry of mine

Intro to Celtic Knot Crochet and Celtic Knot Crochet II

It was great to teach everyone my Celtic Knot crochet technique. All of the participants worked hard on their projects and made some beautiful things.

Some of my Celtic Knot wearable projects
More projects for inspiration
Sandy and Valerie were in both Celtic Knot classes and then so kindly helped me clean up everything when the room needed to quickly be taken apart and turned into a place for the Saturday night banquet and Fashion Show!

I enjoyed meeting all of the crocheters who took my classes and seeing them make their projects. I appreciated their enthusiasm and excitement to learn new things. Below are some of them showing off their creations.


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12 thoughts on “My Classes at CGOA Chain Link Conference

  1. I wished y’all were closer so I could attend one of your classes!!! They look like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll have to call β€œROAD TRIP!!!!”

  2. Crochet was the first craft I taught myself back in 1970. Now I make jewelry too and love to combine techniques. Looks like everyone had fun in your classes.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I loved your textured stitches class. I used one of your stitch patterns, stitching in the back bar and front loop of hdc, in a hat class I took later on!

    1. That’s wonderful! Congrats on applying what you learned – it’s such a great way to remember what we learn. Happy crocheting! Jennifer

  4. I would love to participate in one of your classes — sometimes I wonder, tho, if I have the expertise to do celtic crochet.

    1. I would love to have you in a class, Julie. As you can see by the photos, everyone did very well and we start out slow and easy so you have success. πŸ™‚ Jennifer

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