Photo Snowflake Ornament

I love working with crochet thread to create delicate and beautiful Christmas ornaments.  Growing up I admired all of the wonderful crocheted tablecloths and doilies that were made by my grandmother and on display throughout our home.  I love how the simplicity of the thread allows for the stitches and the shapes they form to be the “stars” of the project.

Once I learned the basics of crochet with medium weight yarn, I invested in several Christmas-themed project booklets that used thread.  As I crocheted ornaments, angels, lacy decorations and gifts I learned how to read patterns and get the hang of working with the thin thread. (Here are some photos of the thread ornaments I have crocheted – click here and here)

This project, the Photo Snowflake Ornament, is a tribute to those thread projects – the crispness of the white yarn is a great contrast with the dark needles of a Christmas tree and perfectly highlights the stitch patterns.

Yet, we are using yarn that is slightly thicker than the traditional cotton crochet thread (Size 10).  It still gives the same lacy effect but is much easier on the eyes and hands – yay!  In just 4 rounds you can have this ornament/decoration completed and add a special photo of someone (or some pet 🙂 ) that you love!  (See Video Tutorial below)

(You may have noticed that the doggie in the photo is wearing the Lacy Dog Collar – a FREE pattern available here in multiple sizes)

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Measurements:  7 1/2″ diameter

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  • The yarn I originally used for this project (Mimosa Yarn by Yarn Bee –1 skein – White) is no longer available – But you can use any Size 3 cotton crochet thread – Lizbeth size 3 by Handy Hands is an excellent choice – Click here to purchase
  • D (3mm) hook
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Rust-proof straight pins
  • 8” x 8” square of cardboard
  • Aluminum foil (same size as cardboard) (or plastic wrap if using the Stiffening Guide (see below)
  • Clear contact paper or acetate
  • Short length of ribbon

Special Stitches and Abbreviations

Sl st = slip stitch

Ch = chain

Dc = double crochet

Sk = skip

Sps = spaces

Beg. Shell = (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in space indicated

Shell = (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) all in space indicated

Tr = treble crochet = YO 2 times; insert hook into st, YO, draw up a loop, (YO, pull through 2 loops on hook) 3 times

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Now let’s get started!


Ch 30 – sl st in 1st ch to form a ring being careful to not twist chain

Round 1:  Ch 1, work 36 sc in ring; join with sl st to 1st sc.

Round 2:  Ch 1, sc in 1st st; (Ch 5, sk next 2 sts, sc in next st) around ending with sl st in 1st sc of round. (12 ch-5 sps)

Round 3:  Ch 1, sl st in next ch-5 sp; Beg. Shell in same sp; Shell in each ch-5 sp around; join with sl st to top of starting ch-3. (12 total shells)

**Tip: You may want to mark each ch-3 space with a stitch marker all the way around before you start Round 4. This will help you avoid mistakes and work into the correct space for each step of Round 4**

Round 4:  Sl st in each of next 2 sts and in next ch-3 sp; Beg. Shell in same sp; [(dc, ch 8, tr, ch 10, tr, ch 8, dc) in next ch-3 sp, Shell in next ch-3 sp] around ending with sl st in top of starting ch-3. Fasten off. (6 lacy snowflake points alternating with 6 Shells)

Here is a video tutorial taking you through all steps of the instructions and finishing so you can make your own ornament in no time!

**Update: New resource available!

Now there is a printable stiffening guide to help you create this project.  It is made in the actual size of the project with guides for where to put the pins.

Just click here (or on the graphic above) to be taken to the Celtic Knot Crochet Resource Library.  This is a new FREE resource for subscribers only.  Check it out today – a lot more goodies inside!

(You’ll find this printable in the “Helpful Printables” section.)


Lightly steam block snowflake on wrong side and let dry completely

*Place snowflake right side face down on aluminum foil (stacked on cardboard)

Note: If you are using our stiffening guide, I recommend using a sheet of plastic wrap instead of the aluminum foil

Using tip of stiffener bottle add stiffener to each stitch section of snowflake

Rub in with fingers and pin all points into shape

Let dry completely (overnight)

Repeat from * one more time

Cut a photo to fit inside frame and cover with acetate (or clear contact paper) to protect photo

Glue to back of frame,  add a hanger (ribbon) and tada – Your Photo Snowflake ornament is complete!

There is a slight shimmer to this “Mimosa” yarn by Yarn Bee but it would be fun to add even more shimmer by adding a few dollops of glue to some of the points and sprinkling on some iridescent glitter or carefully placing on some flatback Swarovski gems.

I love how these work up very quickly (I was able to crochet mine in less than 30 minutes) and don’t use a lot of yarn so you can make several out of one skein.

Send along your photos of the finished project or post them on its Ravelry page here.  And so you don’t forget where you found this free pattern add the collage below to your Pinterest board.

Happy Crocheting!


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  1. Tried to find the yarn by clicking on the name of it in your supply list and it comes up as an error so I tried on Hobby Lobby’s site and it comes up as not listed. Could you recommend another yarn? Thanking you in advance

    1. Sorry about the link not working – I will add a link to another yarn. You can use any yarn that is a Size 3 thread. One that I like to use is Lizbeth by Handy Hands (see link in supply list). Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Hi! If you click on the link on the yarn name, “Mimosa” in the supply list it will take you to Hobby Lobby’s online store where you can buy this yarn. Sometimes they carry it in their store and sometimes only on-line. Hope this helps – Happy crocheting!

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