5 Gifts for a Crocheter – Dec. 2018

Since it is a popular gift giving time of the year, I thought I would post another list of 5 products that would make great gifts for any crocheter you know (or you can add them to your own “wish list” this season).  (Last year I posted this list of product ideas – go check it out!)

Which kind of gifts do you like the best? The gifts that are practical and necessary or the ones that are simply fun and make you smile?  These gifts listed below are beautiful, practical, useful, helpful or soothing and can definitely make you smile!  Read on to get some ideas – Click on the photos to purchase the products.

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I keep this lotion in my crochet bag, next to my laptop, in my purse and next to my spot on the couch where I love to sit and crochet.  I love how it comes in a convenient small size and absorbs quickly into my skin.  After applying I am able to quickly get back to typing or crocheting without worrying about an oily or slippery film being transferred to my keyboard or crochet hook.

This time of year my hands get very dry and this helps prevent them from cracking and feeling sore.

And did you know that you can use lotion on your crochet hook?  If you find yourself struggling to pull loops through loops, your crochet hook may need to be cleaned. Simply clean with mild soap and water, dry and then apply a small amount of this lotion. – you’ll be pleased at how quickly your hook will fly through the yarn. ?


These Wonder Clips by Clover are a wonderful little tool.  They can be used as stitch markers throughout your project without snagging any stitches.  They have a great grip and won’t let go when you pull your project in and out of your crochet bag.  They can also be used to hold pieces together while you are sewing or crocheting them together.  This helps you to join pieces evenly and avoid needing to rip out your seams due to lumps.

These handy little clips can be used with a variety of craft and sewing projects and would make a great gift for any crafter!

I love the color blue so I was drawn to this yarn bowl while shopping for crochet notions in Hobby Lobby.  Since I did not own a yarn bowl at the time, I decided to buy it as a treat for myself with a birthday gift card.  It has been a great purchase!

I love how it holds the yarn just right especially when I crochet with thread.  Since it is a ceramic bowl, it has enough weight to stay put on the table while the yarn turns and rolls away inside.  It prevents it from getting tangled or falling on the floor where it inevitably picks up dog hair!  Plus, I love how it looks sitting on the table while it’s not being used – so pretty.

I use a tape measure all the time.  I have one in all of my project bags, notion bags and purse.  I really like this version since it is a bright color (easy to find in the various pockets it lives in) and retracts nicely (making it compact and easy to take anywhere). I found this one in a package of 3 on Amazon so now I am sure to always have one on hand.

(Did you know that measuring your projects is a big part of crocheting?  It helps you to know if your garment will turn out the correct size or if what you are crocheting will turn out the same as what the designer made in the photo.  It is a great tool that I will have a tutorial for in the future.)

Aren’t these earrings beautiful?  I have a nice story about these earrings:

Last Christmas season when my then 8 year old daughter was talking with her dad about what to get me for Christmas, she had the idea to look on Amazon for ‘crochet-related jewelry’ since she knew mom was a ‘crochet nut’. ?  Their search resulted in finding these pretty  earrings – blue yarn balls with crochet hooks. My daughter proudly gave them to me on Christmas morning. She was so happy to have found something unique and beautiful that was ‘perfect for Mommy’.

Since last Christmas I have perused Maura Houston’s website. She makes some great jewelry and it is all out of laser-cut wood!  They are very light and not cumbersome at all.  The way she paints them makes them look 3D but they are actually flat and thin (so perfect for wearing all day).

Maura makes a variety of crochet and knit themed earrings that you have to go check out here: www.maurahouston.com.

She also sells many animal earrings and even some Celtic Knots along with a variety of cute and clever wooden signs.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Maura for providing the earrings shown above for a special Christmas giveaway to our Celtic Knot Crochet subscribers!

Hope you have a fun gift-giving season and remember that it is better to give than receive.


Here’s that collage again so you can add it to your Pinterest board:

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19 thoughts on “5 Gifts for a Crocheter – Dec. 2018

  1. Any yarn or thread bowl used here in this house would have to be made of steel! The blue is very pretty, however 🙂 I really like the earrings – great way to be festive AND promote crochet!

    1. Yes, there was a time that anything breakable in our house wouldn’t have lasted long. 😉
      Glad you like the earrings!

  2. I could definitely find a use for the wonder clips. Actually, I stopped reading this post part way through to go buy some…Lol. I love the earrings though, and would love to receive a pair of them.

  3. I am a Practical person and I love to crochet. I am a self taught crocheter so still learning but I think I would love to win the Yarn Bowl and earrings. I never use lotion when I am crocheting. I have used the lotion mentioned and its great lotion to use for dry hands..Thank you for giving us all the chance to win.

    1. You are welcome! Only the earrings are in the giveaway – glad you like them.
      Winner will be drawn on Wednesday evening. 🙂

  4. I think I would like “Something Practical.” I have always been interested in the yarn bowl type things, but never was able to get one. So, that would be what I would like to win! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  5. I’ve always wanted a yarn bowl, but seem to never get around to getting myself one. Thanks for the chance to win. Just finished our cookie baking extravaganza with my adult daughters yesterday. Fun was had by all! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Glad you had cookie baking fun! I know what you mean about the yarn bowl and I’m so glad I finally got one. Happy Christmas to you!

  6. I never want to use lotion while crocheting because of greasy feeling afterward, but I think I need to try the kind you mentioned! I also like the idea of the clips.

  7. I already have a lot of wonder clips, they are fantastic for crochet/ knitting/ sewing/ tatting… and probably more, but that’s what I use them for 🙂 Still my favourite among these 5 are the earrings, so pretty and fun, I would wear them quite often.
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway and the Christmas decorations patterns 🙂 Happy holiday season to you and your loved ones ??

  8. I’m a pretty practical kind of person so I would really put that yarn bowl to use! Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for all of the free patterns you make available. Happy holidays!

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