Celtic Knot Key Fob

This Celtic Knot design I published last year in honor of National Crochet Month and now I am re-publishing it here on the blog and providing a couple of video tutorials (just click on any text shown in red to be taken to the video) to go with it on my Youtube channel.

I love to make small projects that can serve as a zipper pull or decoration on one of my bags.  It’s a quick way to add a touch of Ireland to anything I carry with me.  This particular knot is made up of two hearts intertwined which really pop when you add a contrasting color to the edge of the woven cord.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner


Cotton Crochet Thread – Size 3 – in 3 contrasting colors (I used Nazli Gelin’s Garden 3 crochet thread in white and 2 shades of their pretty blues – See yarn here)

Size 1.5 mm Hook

Printout of Knot Diagram – You can get your FREE downloadable diagram here in our Celtic Knot Crochet Resource Library

Corkboard or foam core board – 5” x 5”

10 sewing pins

Embroidery needle

Keyring (1” diameter)

Small circle of felt

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Project is worked in two parts. First a cord is crocheted and then woven into the knot shape using the diagram included. Then a circle is crocheted and joined to the knot and keyring.

Special Stitches:

Sc2tog with skip 1 = Insert hook into next st (or ch), YO, draw up a loop, sk next st (or ch), insert hook into next st (or ch), YO, draw up a loop, YO, pull through all 3 lps on hook

Stitch Definitions:

sc2tog = single crochet 2 together = insert hook into next st, YO, draw up a loop; insert hook into next st, YO, draw up a loop; YO, pull through all 3 loops on hook

Cord:  (Approx.  12″)

Ch 81

Working in the back bar of the chain, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of next 8 chs; 2 sc in next ch; sc in each of next 11 chs; sc2tog, sc in next ch, sc2tog, sc in next 9 chs; sc2tog with skip-1 (see Special Stitches at beginning of pattern) – [A- bottom point on Diagram];

Sc in next 8 chs, sc2tog, sc in next ch, sc2tog, sc in next 13 chs, 2 sc in next ch, sc in next ch, 2 sc in next ch, sc in next 9 chs, (sc, ch1, sc) in next ch – [B – top point on Diagram]; sc in next 3 chs. Fasten off.


With contrasting color sl st in each st along both edges of cord working in the back loop only

**When come to the inside of a curve or point, sk a st; When come to the outside of a curve or point, ch 1

Weave Knot:

Place diagram on corkboard and secure with pins

Lay beginning of cord on * (red star) in diagram (this end will be covered by the cord later with an over pass)

Continue to lay cord along the path of the knot following red arrows and holding cord in place with pins making sure to correctly pass either over or under

Once complete, pin all crossings and remove knot from block

Flip over so wrong side facing and secure all crossings with needle and matching thread

Circle: (3” diameter)

Join the end of each round with a sl st to 1st st of round unless otherwise stated

Round 1:  Make an adjustable ring; ch 3, work 15 dc in ring.

Round 2:  Ch 3, dc in same st, (2 dc in each st around). (32 dc)

Round 3:  Ch 3, dc in same st, dc in next st, (2 dc in next st, dc in next st) around. (48 dc)

Round 4:  Ch 2, hdc in same st, hdc in each of next 2 sts; (2 hdc in next st, hdc in each of next 2 sts) around. (64 hdc) Fasten off.


Row 1: Join with sc in any st; sc in each of next 5 sts; Turn leaving remaining sts unworked

Row 2:  Ch 2, dc in 1st st and in each st across. Turn.

Rows 3 & 4: Repeat Row 2. Fasten off.

Edging: Join with contrasting color to side of tab; Work sc down side of tab, around circle and up other side of tab. Fasten off.


Steam block circle and knot – let dry completely

Sew or glue knot to center of circle

Slide keyring on tab – Fold tab over and sew closed

Sew or glue felt circle to back of crocheted circle

Now attach to your favorite bag or use as a keychain!

I hope you enjoyed making this project – Send us a photo of your project to: [email protected] – We love to see what you make!

Happy crocheting!


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