10 Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns

10 FREE Crochet Jewelry Patterns!

I love jewelry projects for crochet!  They are often small and quick and frequently include another craft supply I have in abundance – beads! Yay!  I’ve put together this round-up of 10 FREE crochet jewelry patterns that you can find on All Free Crochet. Most of these projects use simple stitches and basic techniques to create quick and pretty accessories.

All Free Crochet

Have you ever visited their site? It is a great source for all kinds of crochet patterns from all over the internet.  I love how it is well-organized and has a useful search bar so you can find just what you need.  An image of each project listed also pops up next to each title – bonus! Click here to see all that their site offers.

Goodies in this List

For each of the free crochet jewelry patterns listed below you will see the name of the project, the designer, a little information about the pattern/project and a photo. You’ll also see the link to where you can find this pattern on www.allfreecrochet.com.

Let’s get started! Maybe you’ll find a crochet jewelry pattern you can make today!

Zig Zag Bracelet

I love how the clever use of color and a simple crochet stitch makes this a fun bangle to make and wear. All you need to know for this bracelet project is the chain and double crochet so perfect for a beginner!

Designer: Svetla Tsvetkova

Click here to see this free crochet jewelry pattern

Easy Chrissy Cupcake Ring

Cupcakes are so cute and this ring takes that cuteness to a new level. This pattern uses crochet thread and a small hook but also basic stitches. Do you know someone who loves to bake cupcakes or maybe you can make it for someone who loves to eat them? 🙂

Designer: Amber Millard

Click here to see the pattern for this cute cupcake ring

Be Mine Crochet Heart Pendant

Simple crocheted hearts are great for Valentine’s Day but can also be great for any time of year! This little heart is made in just 2 rounds with basic crochet stitches. Then to turn it into a necklace you just need a small wire ring and a necklace chain – super simple!

Designer: Kristin Omdahl

Click here to see this free crochet pattern

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Boho Beaded Cuff Bracelet

I love the mix of wooden beads with crochet and Rhondda provides a great photo tutorial of her special bead crochet technique. Adding beads while you crochet can save time and create unique jewelry. Good news for this bracelet is that all the stitches are basic, too!

Designer: Rhondda Mol

Click here to see the Boho Beaded Cuff Bracelet free crochet pattern

Tiramisu Pearls Necklace

I loved crocheting this necklace and love the combination of sparkle with the pearl beads. The only stitch you need to know for this crochet jewelry pattern is the chain! Then with my photo tutorial you learn how to add beads to those chains to create this very elegant accessory.

Designer: Yours truly, Jennifer Ryan

Click here to see the Tiramisu Pearls Necklace pattern on AllFreeCrochet

Glamour Girl Crochet Necklace

The simplicity of this necklace is so pretty and eye-catching. Using a very small amount of crochet thread and a few basic jewelry supplies (called “findings”) you can work up this necklace in no time. I think using this free crochet jewelry pattern to make gifts for all your friends would be fun – each one could be in their favorite color!

Designer: Lorene Haythorn Eppolite

Click here to see this free crochet jewelry pattern

Twisted Crochet Necklace

With this creative use of color and a simple twist, the possibilities for this necklace are endless! This free crochet necklace pattern uses just single crochet and 2 pretty colors so it would be good for a beginner. I would love to make it with a sparkly button to add some bling!

Designer: Lindsay Obermeyer

Click here to see the Twisted Crochet Necklace pattern

Stretchy Bracelets

Kim makes a pretty and clever use of stretchy bands – remember that fad? Every kid had to have a gazillion little colorful bands to create projects with. With this free crochet jewelry pattern you can re-purpose all those bands into these unique bracelets that don’t need a closure since they are stretchy!

Designer: Kim Guzman

Click here to see the Stretchy Bracelets crochet pattern

Sweetheart Beaded Necklace

The delicate lacy stitch of this necklace compliments the use of the glass beads  – I love it! Glass beads add a touch of elegance to your handmade jewelry and also help your necklace lay nicely around your neck.

Designer: Rhondda Mol

Click here to see this free crochet jewelry pattern

Small Crochet Heart Earrings

These are perfect to make and wear for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. Each heart is made in just one round and then added to another heart for a double-heart design. Of course, you could use this heart pattern for a wide variety of other projects, too.

Designer: Nicole Riley

Click here to see the Small Crochet Heart Earrings free crochet pattern

Which free crochet jewelry pattern is your favorite?

So, there you have it – 10 free crochet jewelry patterns for you. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! I love that crochet jewelry can be made in a day or less and makes for a great last-minute gift idea. Isn’t it so satisfying to wear one of your crocheted creations and be able to say, “Yes, I made it” when others compliment you on it?

Remember, you can find more free patterns on this blog here and many crochet jewelry patterns in my Etsy Shop here.

Thank you for stopping by – Happy crocheting!


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