5 Great Gifts for Crocheters

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Today I want to share with you 5 items that I use almost every day when I am crocheting because they make my life easier and my crocheting time more efficient.  I realized that since this is the season for giving, they would make great gifts for any crocheter you know or they would help you (the crocheter) have some ideas of what to put on your wish list when your friends and family ask you,

“What can I get you for Christmas?” 

Each of these items can be bought for less than $12! Now that’s affordable!

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Clover Soft Touch 2.75-mm Crochet Hooks, Size C

These Soft Touch hooks by Clover are great!  Since I like to make a lot of jewelry and smaller crochet items, I often use smaller hooks but that can be very taxing on my hands.  These have a comfortable handle that stays warm in your hand (which prevents cramping) and the hook tip is very smooth allowing for the yarn to easily glide across it.  These are also very light and durable.  They come in all sizes but my favorite is the C/2.75mm for when I work with Size 3 yarn.

Singer Sewing and Craft Scissors Set

I have had these scissors for a long time – they used to say “Singer” on the side but I have used them so much that the label is mostly worn off.  After all this time the scissors are still sharp and work wonderfully! I love the pointed tips that allow me to clip yarn very precisely.  I also love how they are small and fit nicely in my notions bag. (The scissors shown in this link come in two sizes together – I use the large ones for cutting fabric.)

I keep many items in my crochet notions bag beyond just scissors and hooks so I needed something that had see-through zippered pockets and plenty of room for all of my ‘gadgets’.  I searched all over the internet last year and finally found a great bag. It is actually a bag intended for jewelry while you travel.  At this time my exact bag is not available but here are some other ones that are very similar (the first one is being sold for around $12):

8″ x 11″ Hanging Travel Jewelry & Accessories Organizer Roll Bag with Zippered Compartments (Black & White Stripes Exterior & Teal Interior)

Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag

Tidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag Travel & Home Organizer Safe Zippered 7 Compartments Large

I love how it can hang on a doorknob or hook while I crochet and it even rolls up and closes with a tie to keep it neat. (see photo at top of this post)  I can find what I need in a flash with the see-through pockets and the zipper-closure keeps everything right where it’s supposed to be while it bounces around in my project bag.

Artist’s Loft Fundamentals Art Organizer Craft Storage Tote Bag

Here is what I like to have more crochet supplies in next to my favorite spot on the couch.  The basket design (with an open top) makes it very easy to grab what I need and return it when I’m finished with it.  The sturdy handles also make it very portable. One year I shared this idea with my crochet class and they all loved it so much that almost everyone went out to get one.  It was so cute to see everyone show up to class with their baskets full of crochet supplies – we called it the “Year of the Baskets”. ?

And you don’t have to be a crocheter to love this basket idea – My mom always travels with her sewing supplies so she can work on her various mending and sewing projects while visiting with her grandchildren.  I gave her one of these and she LOVES it – she uses it around the house so she can sit in any room and have her supplies handy and she takes it on all of her road trips.  You can see by the name above that on Amazon it is called an “Art Organizer” but almost anyone who needs crafty tools for a project would find this very useful.

I love to crochet outdoors or near a window – that’s where natural light is the best and I can see my stitches clearly. But this time of year the days are getting shorter and it can be difficult to see the details of our projects.  Enter – Multi-Functional LED Huglight, Hands-free Flexible Portable Reading Light Neck Lamp Floodlight(Blue)– this gadget is great! It rests around your neck (hands-free!) and you can bend both lengths in any direction you want.  Each light has 3 settings so you can adjust the amount and intensity of the light.  I really like how it runs on 2 AA batteries (not those tiny hard-to-find cell batteries that so many book lights use). I took a class with Susan Lowman during the a CGOA conference and she wore one while she taught.  I thought it was very clever of her to have it on while she came up to each one of us to help us with our projects and ‘shed light on our crocheting’. ?

I hope this quick list of practical and inexpensive gifts helps make your gift-giving and crochet-life easier!


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