Celtic Heart Knot Pin

We made this project on our Craftours/Annie’s Crochet Tour of Ireland last summer (June 2016) during one of the workshops I taught. It uses a very small amount of yarn and can be made quickly. Several of the participants finished their pins and wore them proudly around Ireland.

It is now available as a free gift for when you subscribe to our newsletter and join the Celtic Knot Crochet community here.

There is also a video tutorial on how to weave this project here on our Youtube Channel.

To complete the heart you will need a small amount of coordinating or contrasting felt that is glued or sewn to the back of the heart. You may choose to attach a pin backing or include a key ring as shown in the photo above.
 A diagram of the Celtic Knot is also included.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Celtic Heart Knot Pin

    1. Hi! I am sorry you are having trouble finding the pattern. It should have been sent immediately – please check your spam folder – sometimes email servers put it there. Since I see your name is on the subscriber list, I will also send you the pattern today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. I have signed up for free patterns and giveaway. I cannot get the pattern for the Celtic Heart Knot and have tried
    many times. It is supposed to be a free pattern when you sign-up. I am beginning to doubt that the offer is for

    1. Hello! I am sorry it was not working for you. I have sent you an email with the pattern. The offer is real. 🙂

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