Christmas Gift Idea

Do you like to crochet gifts for your family and friends?  I have been crocheting gifts for others since I was a little girl.  Back then it was an affordable way to show how much I appreciated each recipient and I loved the creative process of brainstorming unique ideas for each person.

Now I have much less time than I did back then so I don’t get to make as many gifts as I would like.  And with the ability to order everything under the sun on the internet, making a special gift has become even more valuable to me. I think giving someone a handmade gift is like giving them a big long-lasting hug that says, “You are very special to me.”

Are you like me in that you love to make gifts for others but you lack time and have too many ideas?

Well, here is a simple but elegant scarf that was in the Oct. 2015 issue of Crochet World –
Bangle Bead Scarf.

This scarf is very classy and almost like a necklace.  It is crocheted with Berroco’s Captiva – a beautiful yarn that is a shiny silk-like combination of cotton, polyester and acrylic. See more colors here.  The scarf shown is crocheted in the Garnet color.

I found the scarf bails (large metal tube-like findings) on Ebay and the sparkly beads at Hobby Lobby.  With all of the colors and beads available now, the possibilities are endless so you can make one for each of your friends but no two will look alike.

(Even though this pattern is in an issue from 2015, you can still purchase it here for just $5.99  – the Oct. 2015 issue will download instantly to your computer and you’ll have 18 more patterns, too!)

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