Wild Rose Bag -Crochet World June 2016


This project is in the June issue of Crochet World – I crocheted it with one of my favorite cotton yarns to work with – Omega Sinfonia – in a beautiful green colorway – #840 Green Leaf. If you look closely, you can see that there are flower motifs along the top edge with a textured stitch around the bulk of the bag.

I am very pleased to say that this bag is my 100th published design.  You can read a short article about this achievement here (Crochet World’s Editor’s Blog post for April 20, 2016) that Carol Alexander was so very kind to post this week.

When I first sent in a design idea 5 years ago I just thought it was a neat thing to try.  Now I am truly blessed to be a crochet designer and I have many people to thank for helping me along the way:

The team of editors and tech editors at Annie’s publishing – they have been great to work with, especially Carol Alexander, Jackie Daugherty, Sara Meyer and Ellen Gormley.

My mother-in-law for hanging out with my kids several evenings so that I could continue teaching my crochet class.

My daughters who always show interest in my various projects and have patience while I crochet away at home.

My mom who sends me many catalog clippings for inspiration and, along with my dad, is always interested in my crochet endeavors.

My grandmother who has passed on wonderful creativity genes to our whole family!

My other grandmother who passed on the love of crochet (see next post to hear more about her).

And a BIG THANK YOU goes to my husband who cooks many delicious meals, helps clean the house and often takes care of our girls so that I can spend time designing, teaching and crocheting.  Without him I would not be able to do what I do!



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