Crochetville’s Annual Blog Tour starts tomorrow!

In honor of National Crochet Month Crochetville begins their 4th annual blog tour tomorrow, March 1st with all kinds of fun activities and highlights!  The “Crochet Express” will be stopping all around the country and beyond to bring you the new and exciting in crochet.

Along this tour 93 designers will be featured in addition to yarn companies, crochet-friendly yarn stores and daily giveaways.

Stop by every day this month to learn about all of the above and enter to win a variety of cool stuff!

Designers for March 1st = Jenny King, Marie Segares and the Yarn Twins

Giveaways = Every day a new form will be posted at Crochetville – simply click and go to find out more.

Yarn Shop = Natural Stitches

Yarn Company = Designing Vashti Lotus Yarn

Feel free to copy the above graphic and post on your Facebook page to let others know about the next 31 days to celebrate crochet!

Stop by here on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, to see my special post and find out what I am offering for free.

Happy crocheting!

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