Kerry Shrug for a Bride

Yes, it is already April and the National Crochet Month has ended but our celebration of crocheters has not! 

Last fall a bride-to-be contacted me about the Kerry Shrug – she was hoping to wear a version of it over her wedding dress in October.  I was very busy with several designs and projects so I referred her to Corinn Barnum of  Meraki Designs (an Etsy shop).  Corinn made a beautiful shrug for the bride in a rich red color.

Here are some photos and thoughts from the bride.  It looks like it was a wonderful day and I love how her shrug turned out.

“I have a lot of Irish blood in my family and I have always known I wanted to have a Celtic piece to my wedding day. I carried my great grandmothers four leaf clover handkerchief that my mother had given me that morning, all my jewelry was Celtic knot work and I made a Celtic heart knot of my own with a back ground of a red wooden heart to wrap around the giant Oak tree we were married under.
My husband and I are fortunate to have a wonderful friend who happens to be a internationally known bagpiper and an ordained minister. He married us with beautiful heartfelt words from the Anam Cara and a brief history of the Claddagh. We both have rings that bear the emblem of Friendship, Loyalty and Love, and we live our lives by those words everyday. Our kilted friend then played us a beautiful tune to walk down the isle as Mr. and Mrs. 
 . . . we were married in October in Oregon and we were not expecting it to be 80 degrees. I had in mind when I ordered the shrug that it would be cooler. Alas it was not, and I never got to wear the shrug on my wedding day, although since then I have worn it many times and absolutely love it. I have received many compliments on it every time I wear it.” 
Mrs. Schmitt

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