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Hello everyone! 

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you have enjoyed the blog tour so far.  I have enjoyed reading about each designer in addition to seeing examples of their beautiful work.  Many of these designers I have met through CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) events.

CGOA's 20th Anniversary

I highly recommend becoming a member of the guild.  Immediately you have access to all sorts of great crochet resources and become a subscriber to Crochet! magazine.  And, then the best part is meeting many talented people who love crochet like you do at a guild meeting or the annual conference.  Visit their website to find out more:   (You can also read about many of the designers’ experiences with CGOA throughout this blog tour.)

Last year we had a great time with the yarn bomb I designed and implemented.  See the page on the left for photos of all that fun (and for more photos – click here and scroll down).


Since we love all things Irish here at Celtic Knot Crochet, we are offering a new pattern for you in honor of National Crochet Month.  It is a quick project that you can make in time to wear for St. Patrick’s Day – the Celtic Pendant Necklace.


In this design the Celtic Knot is added with a decorative button.  The two-colored woven edging compliments the knot pattern and is a fun technique to try.  Included in the instructions are photos of other color combinations and Celtic Knot options to give the pendant a different look. (This Celtic Knot button I found at my local JoAnn Fabrics store in the button section.)

You can download this pattern for FREE here.

Please post photos of your finished pendants on Ravelry so we can all see your version and be inspired!

(If you like our combination of crochet and Celtic Knots, be sure to check out more photos of our Celtic Knot Crochet Designs in the page on the left.)

Make sure to check back here throughout the month of March as I feature various crocheters to continue the celebration of National Crochet Month.  They have worked hard to turn our yarn bomb pieces into blankets for charity or they give of their crochet talents by teaching.  And some have made some Celtic Knot Crochet designs with wonderful results while sharing neat stories along the way.  (See the post just before this one about Susan Lowman.)


Thank you to Amy and Donna for all of their hard work on this blog tour!  This year, Crochetville, is highlighting the charity, Halos of Hope.  They provide knitted and crocheted hats to cancer centers around America.  Check out their website here to see how you can donate a crocheted hat or money that would help pay for shipping costs.

Other designer on the tour for today :  Julie Yeager (

And tomorrow visit: Amanda Saladin ( and Kathy Kelly (

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  1. Thank you for the lovely knotwork patterns! I plan to make the Pendant Necklace and the Brooch for my husband and myself to wear to a Celtic party for St. Pat's!

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